Vural Fidan, MD

Deputy Director
Department of ENT
Yunus Emre Government Hospital
Eskisehir, Turkey


Dr. Fidan has received his MD and PhD in Hacettepe University. He is Deputy Director of ENT Department. He is an Otorhinolaryngologist at Yunus Emre Goverment Hospital. He worked as a Visiting Scientist at Yale University ENT and Allegry Departments. He has more than 20 SCI indexed articles. Research interests are pulmonary hypertension, allergy, otology, rhinology and sleep medicine.

Research Interest

His research interests include: Otology and Audiology, Allergic Rhinitis and Immunology, Facial Plastic Surgery, Congenital Hear Loss and Sleep Disorders.

Scientific Activities


• (2007) Best Oral Presentation Award (1st International Congress of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Society)
• (2008-2011) Deputy Director of Otorhinolaryngology Dept, Erzurum Training and Research Hosp
• Best Oral Presentation Award (Roundtable Meeting at Yale 2013)
• International Best Medical Book Award (Melatonin and Melatonergic Drugs in Clinical Practice 2014)
• (2015) Young Researchers Forum Award-Otolaryngology (2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Rhinology and Otology March 18-20, 2015 Dubai, UAE)


• Turkısh Association of Otorhinolaryngology
• Turkısh Association of Plastic Surgery
• Turkısh Association of Allergy and Immunology
• Eskisehir and Region Association of Otorhinolaryngology
• Sleep Medicine and Technologists Association



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