Vinood B. Patel, PhD, PGCertHE, FHEA

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Biochemistry
Department of Biomedical Sciences
Faculty of Science & Technology
University of Westminster
115 New Cavendish Street
London, W1W 6UW, UK


Dr. Patel is currently a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Biochemistry at the University of Westminster and honorary fellow at Kings College London. He presently directs studies on metabolic pathways involved in liver disease, particularly related to mitochondrial energy regulation and cell death. Research is being undertaken to study the role of nutrients, phytochemicals, iron, alcohol and fatty acids in the pathophysiology of liver disease. Other areas of interest identifying new biomarkers that can be used for diagnosis and prognosis of liver disease, understanding mitochondrial oxidative stress in Alzheimers disease and gastrointestinal dysfunction in autism. Dr. Patel graduated from the University of Portsmouth with a degree in Pharmacology and completed his PhD in protein metabolism from Kings College London in 1997. His postdoctoral work was carried out at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical School studying structural-functional alterations to mitochondrial ribosomes, where he developed novel techniques to characterize their biophysical properties. Dr. Patel is a nationally and internationally recognized liver researcher and was involved in several NIH funded biomedical grants related to alcoholic liver disease. Dr. Patel has edited biomedical books in the area of nutrition and health prevention, autism, biomarkers and has published over 150 articles.

Research Interest

He have over 20 years research experience understanding the pathological mechanisms in the development of liver disease, predominantly linked to acute and chronic alcohol consumption and more recently diet (saturated and unsaturated fatty acids). These areas are focused on the mitochondrial dysfunction, metabolic (lipid, protein, energy) dysregulation, cell death pathways and oxidative stress that arises in the liver. They are also interested in understanding the regulation of iron and hepcidin under physiological conditions under and iron overload. Other research interests include gastrointestinal markers of autism, treatment of alcoholic hepatitis and the identification of novel protein biomarkers for the detection of acute alcohol abuse. He have extensive experience with both in vivo and in vitro studies that involve dietary manipulation and more recently in clinical studies, involving children and alcoholic patients.

Scientific Activities


• (2006) Awarded UoW PhD research scholarship
• (2007) Awarded UoW Cavendish PhD scholarship
• (2007) Wellcome Student Scholarship and Nuffield Foundation Scholarship
• (1997-2003) Supported by National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)



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