Vincenzo Domenichelli, MD

Department of Pediatric Surgery
Pediatric Urology Unit
Infermi Hospital
AUSL of Romagna, Italy



Dr. Domenichelli is actually working in the Department of Pediatric Surgery at Infermi Hospital in Rimini, Italy since September 2002. From April 2013 he is incharge of the Section of Pediatric Urology at Infermi Hospital. He is working closely with Pediatricians and Pediatric Nephrologists of his Hospital and Region. During his residency at SantOrsola Hospital in Bologna – where he also graduated from Medical School at University of Bologna – he attended the neonatal and infants ward and then he moved to the Pediatric Urology field where he actively participated to the urodynamic studies on patients with bladder disfunctions. He also was interested in Pediatric Oncology in last years of his residency. After earning his degree cum laude in Pediatric Surgery at the University of Bologna he worked in different fields ending up at Infermi Hospital in Rimini. He participated to many Pediatric Surgical mission in low income countries (Tanzania, Bangladesh, Uganda, Senegal just to name some).He is the author of several peer-reviewed publications and book chapters and partecipated to numerous national and international courses and meetings.

Research Interest

His research interest includes: Pediatric Urology where he developed specific competence in reconstructive surgery of the external genitalia in particular in the treatment of hypospadias. Minimally invasive surgery-especially applied to the correction of the pathologies of the urinary tract-and in managing pediatric wounds with the use of negative pressure devices(NPWT).

Scientific Activities


• Member of the National Honor Society for Secondary School of America
• Member of the Italian Society of Pediatric Urology (SIUP)


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