Openventio is a premier open access themed publishing organization allowing free distribution and access to published articles. As the name “Openventio” suggests, we believe that Open Access to scientific inventions and concepts is the ideal approach to propagate knowledge worldwide. Comprising of 40 peer-reviewed medical journals, our organization aims to establish an international body of scientific scholars from academia as well as various fields of research practice. We are a team committed to presenting innovative research work to help upgrade the curious minds, concomitantly establishing a path-breaking stage for new ideas and writers. Being in the league of international publications, Openventio believes in following strict publication ethics and our team of global editors and subject experts ensure that every prospective article clears a rigorous peer-review process.

Our services are an all inclusive package of editorial review, double blinded peer review process, styling, editing, formatting, maintaining, and archiving. All the works published by Openventio Publishers are under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC-BY), which authorizes unrestricted use, distribution, download, copy and reproduction/printing (provided the original author and source are credited) in any form. Should you have further queries, please contact us at contact@openventio.org.

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