Vaccination Research

Intranasal Delivery of Liposomes-Based Lipopeptide Hookworm Vaccine Diminished its Ability to Protect Mice Against Hookworm Challenge

Stacey Bartlett, Ramon M. Eichenberger, Ahmed Shalash, Alex Loukas, Mariusz Skwarczynski, Istvan Toth and Waleed M. Hussein*

Model Liposomal Delivery System for Drugs and Vaccines

Farrhana Z.Firdaus, Zeinab G. Khalil, Robert J. Capon, Mariusz Skwarczynski, IstvanToth* and Waleed M. Hussein*

Recombinant Protein D from Haemophilus influenzae Induces Mouse Bactericidal Antibodies Against Typeable and Non-Typeable Haemophilus influenzae, which Partially Protect Infant Rats Against Serotype b Bacteraemia

Nathan Palmer*, Yajun Tan, Manolya Saydam, Arif Felek, Huajie Zhang, Shumin Zhang, Min Fang, Jun X. Wheeler, Qiming Hou, Xiao Ma, Junzhi Wang and Fatme Mawas

Self-Adjuvanting Peptide Vaccines Against Cervical Cancer

Hannah Hanh-Hong Truong, Waleed M. Hussein*, Tzu-Yu Liu, Zhongfan Jia, James W. Wells, Michael J. Monteiro, Mariusz Skwarczynski and Istvan Toth

Consensus Meeting on International Standards for Oral Whole Cell Killed Cholera Vaccines, 17-18 May 2018, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Lina Odevall, Sjoerd Rijpkema, Dean Smith, Tong Wu, Firdausi Qadri, Jan Holmgren, Julia Lynch and Viliam Pavliak*

Salmonella-based Anticancer Vaccines and their Efficacy

Samad Farashi-Bonab* and Nemat Khansari

The Case for Flu Vaccination

Olukayode A. Akinlaja*

Fluorinated Lipids Conjugated to Peptide Antigens do not Induce Immune Responses Against Cervical Cancer

Waleed M. Hussein, Saori Mukaida, Tzu-Yu Liu, Istvan Toth and Mariusz Skwarczynski*

Ebola Virus: Promising Vaccine Candidates

Reema Sameem and Sajani Dias*

Current Status of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Vaccines

Daniela Sosa, Rahul Dev Jayant*, Ajeet Kaushik and Madhavan Nair*

C-C Chemokine Receptor Seven (CCR7): Coming of Age In Vaccines

Colin A. Bill, Olga B. Soto and Charlotte M. Vines*

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