Social Behavior Research and Practice

Gestational, Perinatal and Neonatal Loss: Emotional and Psychological Consequences on Mothers, Fathers and Healthcare Professionals

Fabiola Ortiz-Aparicio*, José R. Rodríguez-Gómez and Maribella Gonzalez-Viruet

Empathy, Arrogance and Social Desirability Among Medical Students in Puerto Rico: An Exploratory Study PostHurricane MarĂ­a

Stephanie M. Vega-Molina*, José R. Rodríguez-Gómez and Coralee Pérez-Pedrogo

What Were They Thinking? Analytic and Cognitive Language in Instagram Captions

Sheila Brownlow*, Makenna Pate, Abigail Alger and Natalie Naturile

Behavioral Couples Therapy for Substance Use Disorders

Keith Klostermann* and Theresa Mignone

The Utility of Criminal History Questions in Community Psychology Program Applications

Sarah Callahan, Jordana Siegel, Elzbieta Wiedbusch, Isabel Dovale, Brandon Isler, Josh Norris, Noah Gelfman and Leonard A. Jason*

Towards a United Front against Weight Bias

Carole-Anne Leblanc, Elisabeth Marquis, Marie-Pierre Gagnon-Girouard and Benoit Brisson*

The “I”s have it: Sex and Social Status Differences on Twitter

Jennifer C. Beach, Sheila Brownlow*, Melissa D. Greene and N. Clayton Silver

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