Research and Practice in Anesthesiology

Sugammadex: A Milestone that Brings Changes in Anesthesia Practice

Girishkumar Modi*, Vijay Kumar and Nagaraju Munagala

Quick Diagnosis: The Key for a Positive Outcome in Malignant Hyperthermia—A Case Report

João M. H. F. Moniz*, Rita Ferreira, Nuno Serrano and Ana S. Cunha

Safety and Efficacy of Rescue Nerve Blocks

Kevin Lee*, Michael J. Herr and Jerry Jones

Cervical Neurofibroma: Peri-Operative Considerations

Hariharan R, Anjali Singh, Uma Hariharan* and Sandeep Kumar

Transcatheter Arterial Embolization in Postpartum Hemorrhage: A Case Report

Alka Chhabra*, Anil Bhiwal, Neha Pandey, Sitaram Barath and Sunanda Gupta

Pneumocephalus Caused by an Epidural Ozone Injection for Treatment of Disc Prolapse

Surath Manimala Rao*, Laxmi Kotgire and B.V. Savitr Sastri

A Rare Septic Transfusion Reaction: Case Report

Caramia McQuaid, Christine M. Cahill, Debra Masel, Aimee Kievitt, Neil Blumberg and Majed A. Refaai*

Laryngeal Transection in a Patient after Hanging

Hassan Ahmad*, Manjula Yadagiri, Venkat Munikuntla and Sarwat Jahan

Peri-operative Pain Management in Chronic Opioid Users and Unhabituated Patients

Chengwei Zhang, Theodore A. Alston, Zhenxiang Pan and Jingping Wang*

Positioning and Anesthesia Challenges In a Morbidly Obese Patient Undergoing Cervical Spine Surgery

Keyuri Popat*, David Z. Ferson, Brian Galle, Roxana Grasu, Gisela Sanchez, Claudio Tatsui and Lawrence Rhines

Physiologic Advantages of Peripheral Nerve Blockade Translate to Decreased Length of Stay and Improved Patient Satisfaction

Mitchell J. Kerfeld, Zakary J. Hambsch, Dan M. McEntire, Daniel R. Kirkpatrick, Charles F. Youngblood, Devendra K. Agrawal and Mark D. Reisbig*

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