Psychology and Cognitive Sciences

Examining the Rise of Intimate Partner Violence during COVID-19: A Call to Action for Psychologists as Social Advocates

Miranda Landfield, Naqsh Ali, Shahrzad Azarafza, Shelly Baer, Anushree Belur, Naomi Griffin, Dilara Kosak, Jennifer Lerch, Rose Patatanian, Elizabeth Quintero, Stephanie Scott, Guy Balice* and Melia Leibert

Assessing Organizational Role Stress of Employees in Public and Private Sectors

Anirudh Katyal, Deepika Behera, Naman Jassal* and Prerona Chakraborty

A Review of Barriers to Treating Domestic Violence for Middle Eastern Women Living in the United States

Guy Balice*, Shayne Aquino, Shelly Baer, Mallory Behar, Anushree Belur, Jessica Flitter, Tyler Howard, Noah Laracy, Fereshte Mirzad, Roseta Patanian, Elizabeth Quintero, Kelly Scheneman, Tanya Abughazaleh and Linda Placencia

Nudge: Towards a Consensus View?

Vincent Berthet* and Benjamin Ouvrard

A Call to Promote Soft Skills in Software Engineering

Luiz Fernando Capretz* and Faheem Ahmed

Anxiety and Depression among Pregnant Women in the Gaza Strip

Eslam Farhat Murtaja and Abdel Aziz Mousa Thabet*

eLearning Education

Juan Carlos Fernández-Rodríguez*

How Social Status Influences “Affect Language” in Tweets

Sheila Brownlow*, Jennifer C Beach and N. Clayton Silver

Coping With Trauma Among Children in South of Gaza Strip

Abdel Aziz Mousa Thabet* and Sanaa S. Thabet

A Psychophysical Approach to Test: “The Bignetti Model”

Enrico Bignetti*, Francesca Martuzzi and Angelo Tartabini

The Effect of Mild Dehydration Induced by Heat and Exercise on Cognitive Function

Paul H. Falcone*, Chih-Yin Tai, Laura R. Carson, Jesse A. Gwinn, Tyler R. Mccann, Nick J. Loveridge and Jordan R. Moon

Behavioral Problems and Neurocognitive Functioning in Snoring School-Aged Children

Kati Hagström*, Outi Saarenpää-Heikkilä, Sari-Leena Himanen, Anna-Maria Lapinlampi and Pirkko Nieminen

Evidence-Based Social Work Interventions to Improve Client Attendance in Rural Mental Health: An Overview of Literature

Victor G. Aeby*, Lei Xu, Wenhua Lu, Tracy Carpenter-Aeby, Tia Edwards and Jacqueline Vaughn-Heath

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