Pediatrics and Neonatal Nursing

Human Tail in a New Born: A Case Report

Tewodros Deneke* and Birtukan Ewunetu

The Effects of Social Media on Adolescent Mental Health

Brandie Walton* and Denise Rizzolo

Seventy Cases of Partial Gastric Pull-Up According to the Schärli Technique for Esophageal Replacement in Pediatrics

MartĂ­n Rubio, Mariano Boglione*, Carlos Fraire, Silvia Takeda, Cristian Weyersberg, FermĂ­n Prieto and Marcelo Barrenechea

Family-Centered Care: A Philosophy to be Developed

Antonio Vázquez Sellán*, María Carmen Sellán Soto and María Luisa Díaz Martínez

Perceived Social Support, Parental Notification, and Parental Engagement after Pelvic Inflammatory Disease among Urban Adolescent and Young Adults

Cara R. Muñoz Buchanan, Shang-en Chung, Arlene Butz, Jamie Perin, Charlotte Gaydos and Maria Trent*

Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity Among Adolescents of Islamabad: A Cross Sectional Study

Hameed Mumtaz Durrani*, Salma Mumtaz Durrani, Ramesh Kumar and Anwar Ul Haq

A Multi-Level Approach to Pre-Briefing and Debriefing in a Pediatric Interdisciplinary Simulation

Margaret Gray, Darlene Rogers, Barbara Glynn and Teresa Castro Twomey*

Umbilical Cord Care After the First Day From Birth: A Case Control Study in a Northeastern Italian Hospital

Letizia Gallina, Anna Lisa De Tina, Tiziano Basso, Silvio Brusaferro and Rosanna Quattrin*

BCG-Associated Osteomyelitis: A Case Report

Yuko Kobashi*, Yohei Munetomo, Akira Baba, Shinji Yamazoe and Takuji Mogami

Pediatric Headache in the Emergency Department

Diego Armando Blanco-Baudrit, Luis Fernando Blanco-Baudrit and Adriana Yock-Corrales*

Estimation of Zinc Levels in Children With Lower Respiratory Tract Infections: A Prospective Observational Study from India

Ansar Murtuza Hussain, Prakash RM Saldanha, Deepak Sharma, Aakash Pandita*, Monika Yachha and Mir Tariq

Discretionary Parental Presence in the Dental Operatory: A Survey of Pediatric Dentists and Parents

John E. Nathan*, Martin S. Rayman, Bruce E. Golden and Kaaren G. Vargas

Burden of Illness for Neural Tube Defects: Canadian Perspective

Gideon Koren, Floortje van Nooten, Randall Winnette, Paige Church, Radek Wasiak*, Parvaneh Yazdani-Brojeni, Min Hua Jen, Dimitra Lambrelli, Mark Jeddi and Marion Kissner

Infantile Hemangioma

Alexander K. C. Leung*, Benjamin Barankin and Kam Lun Hon

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