Endoscopic Treatment of Refractory Variceal Bleed

Shreyas Saligram*, Marina Roytman, Helen Wong and ThimmaiahTheethira

Endoscopic Suturing of Esophageal Stent

Dipti Sagar, Subramanyeswara Arekapudi, Sachdev Thomas, Helen Wong and Shreyas Saligram

The Role of Pre-Assessment in Oesophageal Cancer Surgery

Niven Akotia and Alexandros Charalabopoulos*

The Clinical or Radiographic Diagnosis of Gastroptosis: Still Relevant?

Anke J. M. van Welie, Willemijn M. Klein and Jos M. Th. Draaisma

Management of Boerhaave’s Syndrome

Sami Mansour and Alexandros Charalabopoulos*

Analysis of the Intracellular Zinc in HCV Replicon

Kazuhisa Yuasa, Daichi Takizawa, Hitoshi Takagi*, Satoru Kakizaki, Ken Sato, Masanobu Yamada, Youko Katsuya, Hiroshi Koyama, Takuro Sakai and Kazuo Arakawa

Overriding Elements in Colon Cancer Progression: Some Less Known Facts

Rohit Gundamaraju*, Ravichandra Vemuri and Rajaraman Eri

Management of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases in Jehovah’s Witness

Shreyas Saligram*, Madhav Desai and Leonard Baidoo

Coalescent Cyclical Vomiting: A Manifestation of Narcotic Bowel Syndrome?

Shreyas Saligram*, David J. Levinthal and Klaus Bielefeldt

Biphasic Roles of a Small G-Protein, RAC1 in Pancreatic Β-Cell

Mayur S. Parmar, Altaf Ahmed Meer and Ismail Syed*

Brunner Gland Cyst: Two Cases of a Rare Entity and Review of the Literature

Adrienne E. Moul, Pablo A. Bejarano*, Afonso C. Ribeiro and Tolga Erim

Endoscopic Ultrasound Diagnosis of Perianal Rhabdomyosarcoma

Shreyas Saligram*, Rashna Madan and Mojtaba Olyaee

Massive Gastric Variceal Bleeding in a Patient with Chronic Pancreatitis

Dora Grgic, Mirjana Kalauz, Tomislav Brkic*, Marina Brkic, Nedjeljko Sucur, Zlatko Cacic and Boško Romic

Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy: Use and Abuse in Clinical Practice

Angelo Zelante*, Sergio Sartori and Lucio Trevisani

Endoscopy: From Diagnosis to Therapeutics

Ariel A. Benson and Mizrahi Meir*

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease and the Gut Microbiota: Exploring the Connection

Edward C. Oldfield IV, Ray Z. Dong and David A. Johnson*

Gastric Diverticulum Misdiagnosed as a Left Adrenal Lesion

S. Sala*, E. Raimondi, M. Bassi, A. Bernardoni, R. Rizzati and G. Benea

Duodenal Amyloidotic Tumor

Marta Jaconi, Roberto Frego and Fabio Pagni*

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