Shivam Priyadarshi, MBBS, MS, DNB, MCh

Department of Urology
S.M.S.Medical College Hospital
Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004, India



• MBBS RG Kar Medical College, Calcutta (1987)
• MS Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal (1993)
• DNB National Board of Examinations, New Delhi (1993)
• MCh SMS Medical College, Jaipur (1996)

Research Interest

His research interest includes: Urology and Andrology.

Scientific Activities


• (1982-1983) Junior prosector Anatomy RGK Medical College
• (1984-85) NK Das Silver Medal Pharmacology
• (1984-85)Nandlal Scholarship Pharmacology
• (1984-85)Cash Prize Pharmacology
• (1986-87) N Basu Scholarship Gynae & Obst
• (1986-87) Senior Class Assistant Gynae & Obst
• (1986-87) M.Dutta Scholarship Surgery
• (1986-87) S.Dutta Silver Medal Surgery
• (1986-87)Rakhal Das Silver MedalMedicine
• (1986-87) AK Banerjee Gold Medal Proficiency in University Exam
• (1987-88) TR Memoril Silver Medal Gynae & Obst RGKMC Ex Students Association
• (1987-88) Cash PrizeGynae & Obst
• (1987-88) SM Memorial Silver Medal Gynae & Obst.
• (1987-88) NK Chaterjee Silver Medal Gynae & Obst
• (1987-88) Governer Silver Meadl Grand Total
• (1987-88) KK Ghosh Gold Medal Grand Total
• (1987-88) S Gupta Memorial Silver Medal Medicine
• (1987-88)Cash Prize Medicine
• (1987-88) Cash Prize Grand Total
• (1987-88) CD Jain Silver Medal Medicine
• (1991-92) PG Medical Gold Medal Topper Pfizer
• (1995) Marudhara Urology Award for Best PaperSigmoid Neo bladderN Z Chapter ,USI
• (2003)Best paper A novel & cheap vasoactive drug for prolonged erection Council of Sex education and parenthood(International)
• (2003)Best poster Oral terbutaline in management of prolonged erectionCouncil of Sex education and parenthood(International)
• (2004-05) Dr Farooq Abdullah Best research paper Award Oral terbutaline in management of pr Erection SMS Medical College and hospital, Jaipur


• American Urological Association ( 00942147)
• Societe Internationale D’ Urologie (7672c)
• Asian urological society
• International society of Sexual medicine( ISSM)
• South Asian Society of Sexual Medicine ( SASSM)
• Urological Society of India (S220FL)
• All India Surgeons’ Assoc. (FA 8801)
• Andrology Society of India
• North Zone Chapter ,USI (NZ P12F)
• Council of sex education & parenthood(CSEPI) LM-163
• Jaipur Urological Society


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