Sharon Joy Ng, MA, PhD

Professor Emerita
Department of Psychology
Yuba Community College District


Dr. Sharon Joy Ng is a tenured Professor of Psychology for over twenty years teaching at Yuba Community College District (16 years) and Woodland Community College in Woodland (5 and 1/2 years), California before she retired. She is a Jungian Scholar and specializes in co-dependence/relationship addiction, gender issues, and consciousness studies. She has developed and taught various psychology courses (gender and personal) and currently teaches online courses in the following three areas: Abnormal Psychology; Relationship Addiction/Codependence; and Self-Awareness. She has studied consciousness with Stanislav Grof, Stanley Krippner and Charles Tart and attended workshops with Sam Keen, Anna Wise and David Feinstein. Dr. Sharon Joy Ng has her BA and MA in Psychology and her PhD in Clinical Psychology and has a first-degree black belt in Taekwondo.

Research Interest

Her research interests include: Consciousness studies, Gender, Codependence, Contemplative studies, Interpersonal neurobiology, Jungian psychology and Personal mythologies.

Scientific Activities

• Faculty Co-chair, Curriculum Committee, Woodland Community College, (2010-2012)
• Co-chair, District Curriculum Committee, Yuba Community College District, Woodland Community College, (2010-2012)
• Distance Education Subcommittee, chair, Woodland Community College, (2012)
• Scheduling Committee, Curriculum representative, Woodland Community College (2010-2012)
• Student Learning Outcomes Committee (SLO), co-chair, Woodland Community College, (2010-2012)
• Educational Master Plan Committee (EMP), Woodland Community College, (2007-2012)
• Accreditation Committee, (2011-2012)
• Equal Opportunity Employment Committee (EEO), Woodland Community College representative, Yuba Community College District, (2007-2009)
• Curriculum Committee, Social Science Division, Yuba College, (2003-2005)
• Academic Senate, Social Science Division representative, (2005-2007)
• District I (California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado) Council Representative, 1998-2001; 2001-2004 American Association of University Professors (AAUP), Washington, DC
• Two years as Member-at-Large, Executive Committee, AAUP Governing Council, term 2000-2001; reelected for term (2001-2002)
* Appointment to Committee O on Organizations within the National AAUP, Working Group on Distance Education, (2000-2004)
* Appointment to the National AAUP Collective Bargaining Congress Nominations Committee for the election year 2000, Estelle Gellman, Chair
* Appointment to the Annual Meeting of the AAUP Resolutions Committee, (June 1999, June 2000, Dave Gruber, Chair
* Panel for the Revocation of Chapter and Conference Charters, (2001-2004)
• President, CA Conference of AAUP, (1997 to 2001)
• Executive Secretary to the California Conference of the AAUP, (1996-1997)
• CA Conference Delegate, AAUP National Convention, Washington DC, June 1996; Berkeley, CA, June 1997; Washington. DC, (1998-2001)
• Konheim Award Travel Grant writer and recipient, Annual Meeting, AAUP, Yuba College Chapter/CA Conference, (June 1996)
• Sabbatical Leave, Yuba College, (1999-2000)
• Academic Senator, Yuba College, Fall (1996)
• Chair, Public Relations/Political Action Committee, Yuba College Faculty Association Executive Committee, (1994-1997)
• Speaker at Common Ground: Diversity Through Development Conference , Costa Mesa, March 15-17, 1992 for the Yuba College Project for Affirmative Action
• Poster presentation, WPA, April 1990, Los Angeles. “Gender Differences in Personal Mythologies”


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