Sayan Dasgupta, PhD

Vaccine and Infectious Disease Division
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
1100 Fairview Ave N, M2-C200
Seattle, WA 98109, Australia


Sayan has received a decade long training in Mathematics, Statistics, and Biostatistics, first while pursuing Bachelor’s and Master’s in Statistics from the Indian Statistical Institute, and then as a graduate student in the Biostatistics department at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. The main focus of his PhD dissertation was to study properties of Machine Learning approaches in Biostatistics, especially in Precision Medicine and Cancer clinical trials. After joining Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in 2014 as a post doctorate fellow, he started working on a range of topics, including Survival Analysis strategies in HPTN trials, Bayesian analysis of epidemiological models, selecting vaccine Biomarkers for modeling treatment selection strategies etc. In 2016, he joined the Center on a permanent role as a Staff Scientist, and since then he has taken a more active role in clinical trial designs and their statistical analyses.

Research Interest

His current research interests include clinical trial designs; group sequential monitoring of trials, and supervised learning methods in infectious disease modeling; Empirical processes; Semiparametric inference; Causal Inference; Survival analysis; Model Falsification; Penalized estimation; Precision or personalized medicine; Supervised Learning.

Scientific Activities

Member of the Theta chapter of the Delta Omega society 2014.
Merit Scholarship, Department of Biostatistics, UNC-CH, NC 2009-2010.
Fryer Fellowship, Department of Biostatistics, UNC-CH, NC 2009.
Student Fellowship, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, India 2004-2009.


Dasgupta, S., Goldberg, Y., and Kosorok, M. R., 2018. \Feature Elimination in Kernel Machines in moderate dimensions.” Annals of Statistics.

Montano, M. A., Dombrowski, J. C., Dasgupta, S., Golden, M. R., Duerr, A., Manhart, L. E., Barbee, L. A. and Khosropour, C. M., 2018. \Changes in Sexual Behavior and STI Diagnoses Among MSM Initiating PrEP in a Clinic Setting.” AIDS and behavior.

Submitted Papers
Dasgupta, S., and Huang, Y., \Selecting biomarkers for building optimal treatment selection rules using Kernel Machines.” Under revision with Journal of Royal Statistical Society Series C.

Dasgupta, S., and Huang, Y., \Evaluating the surrogacy of multiple vaccine-induced immune response biomarkers in HIV vaccine trials” Submitted to Bio-statistics.

Ignacio, R. B., Dasgupta, S., Stevens-Ayers, T., Kula, T., Hill, J., Lee, S., Duerr, A., Elledge, S., and Boeckh, M. \The Human Anti-virome After Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation, as Evaluated by Systematic Viral Epitope Scanning.” Submitted to Science Translational Medicine.

Working Papers
Dasgupta, S. and Hughes, J. P., \Assessment of complex epidemiological models.” To be submitted soon.

Dasgupta, S., Esserman, D., Evon, D., and Kosorok, M. R., \E_ect of Adherence on Sustained Virologic Response in Hepatitis C.” To be submitted soon.

Dasgupta, S. and Kosorok, M. R., \Recursive Feature Selection in Q-Learning.” To be submitted soon.

Chen, Y. Q., and Dasgupta, S., \On sequential methods in time-to-event analysis with changepoint.” To be submitted soon.