Sasi Arunachalam, PhD

Department of Computational Biology &
Cancer Biology Program
Comprehensive Cancer Center
St Jude Children’s Research Hospita
l Memphis, TN 38105, USA


I am a wet-lab biologist transitioned into computational biology & bioinformatics. As a bioinformatic scientist, I gained valuable research experience working from top cancer institutes. I have analyzed diagnostic, relapsed and clinical trials pediatric cancer patient samples for clinical biomarker discovery. I analyzed 800 non-cancer patient samples (including childern) to illuminate the potential precursors of blood cancers which was published in blood cancer discovery and this research was highlighted in many science magazines and news. I have more than three years of experience on next generation sequence analysis such as RNA seq, WES, WGS, SNP, fusion genes and structural variants.

I currently lead and aggregate genomic and clinical data for various pediatric cancers In Gabriella Miller Kids First project at St Jude children research hospital. This project is ongoing in various institutes to collect vast amount of pediatric cancer biomarker. The goal of the Gabriella Miller Kids First Pediatric Research Program (Kids First) is to uncover new insights into the biology of childhood cancer and structural birth defects, including the discovery of shared genetic pathways between these disorders. I have working efficiency in Python, R, Shell scripts, Scikit-learn (Machine Learning in Python), Linux-based high-performance computing environments and various bioinformatics tools /software.

Research Interest

His research interest includes: Data driven biological discoveries, Genomics personalized medicine, Bioinformatics and biomarker discovery.

Scientific Activities


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