Roland Kaddoum, MD

Assistant Professor
Department of Anesthesiology
American University of Beirut Medical Center
Beirut 1107-2020, Lebanon


Dr. Kaddoum received the Degree of Doctor of Medicine from the Saint Joseph University School of Medicine in 1998 and completed Anesthesia Residency training at the AUB-Medical Center in 2003 followed by a year fellowship in Pediatric Anesthesia at Childrens Hospital of Michigan (2003-2004). He then repeated his Anesthesia Residency at Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan (2005-2008).
He joined the Faculty of St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital in Memphis TN (2008-2011) as Assistant Member. Dr. Kaddoum conducted Clinical Research at St. Jude and his main interests were the management of chronic pain in children with cancer, pediatric regional anesthesia, and pediatric airway management in children with mediastinal masses.
Dr. Kaddoum is involved in the Teaching of Medical Students and Anesthesia Residents at AUBMC, as well as conducting clinical research within the Department of Anesthesiology.

Research Interest

His research interest includes: Mainly in the field of pediatric anesthesia, dealing with intravenous line placement and the equipment that can be used to facilitate the placement, i.e. AccuVein, ultrasound…and also how to ventilate difficult airway patients. Also, as Director of the operating room, he is interested in publishing some work on how to make it an efficient operating room.

Scientific Activities


• Editor at the SM Journal of Anesthesia
• Member, Lebanese Order of Physicians
• Member of the American College of Physicians
• Member of the American Society of Anesthesiologists
• Member of the Tennessee Society of Anesthesiologists
• Member of the American Academy of Pain Management


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