Robert P. Ferguson, MD

Faculty of Internal Medicine
Department of Medicine
Greater Baltimore Medical Center (GBMC)
Director, UMSOM Professionalism Enhancement Initiative
Baltimore, Maryland 2l204, USA



Dr. Ferguson is a Faculty of Internal Medicine in the Department of Medicine at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center. After graduation from Cornell university medical college in 1972, did an Internal Medicine Residency at North Shore Hospital in New York.
Relocated to Hartford Connecticut Mount Sinai hospital and university of Connecticut in 1976. Served as Internal Medicine Residency Program Director in 1982, chief of medicine 1984. Clinical Associate professor at Uconn.
Relocated to Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore in 1992, Associate Professor Johns Hopkins. Clinical Professor at University of Maryland, Chief of Medicine and Program Director.
In 2013, took position as Academic Faculty at Greater Baltimore Medical Centre (GBMC), (current) Director of the University of Maryland SOM professionalism enhancement initiative (current). Founder in 2011 and current Editor of journal of community hospital internal medicine perspectives (JCHIMP).

Research Interest

His research interest include: Reviewing, Editing and publishing community hospital scholarly activities, Case reports, Health Literacy, Professionalism, Illicit drug use, Undergraduate and graduate medical education and Interactions between pharmaceutical industry and physicians.

Scientific Activities


• (1983) Fellowship, American College of Physicians Foster McGaw Award (American Hospital Association) in Recognition of the Geriatric Outreach Program at Mount Sinai
• (1987) Sinai Hospital (Clinical Director) Physician Educator Award Mount Sinai
• (1989) Hospital Department of Medicine
• (1989-1990) John A. Hartford Foundation Scholar in Geriatric Medicine at the University of Connecticut Travelers Center on Aging
• (1992) Excellence in Education Award University of Connecticut Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency Excellence in Education Award
• (1994) University of Maryland Family Medicine Residency
• (1995) APDIM Award for Innovations in Internal Medicine Residency Curricula
• (1998) Maryland ACP C. Lockard Conley Award for Contributions to Resident Education and Research
• (2003) Golden Apple Award-Union Memorial Hospital University of Maryland Alpha Omega Alpha
• (2009) (AOA) Honor Society-Volunteer Clinical Faculty Award
• (2011) Maryland ACP Ted Woodward Award for Education and Research
• (2014) Master, American College of Physicians


• American College of Physicians (1975-Present)
• Hartford County Medical Society (1977-l992)
• Connecticut State Medical Society (1978-1980)
• Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine (1982-Present)
• Fellowship in American College of Physicians (1983-Present)
• American Geriatric Society (1990-Present)
• Baltimore City Medical Society (l992-Present)
• Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland (l992-Present)
• Southern Medical Association (l994-Present)
• Society of General Internal Medicine (1998 Present)
• Association of Subspecialty Professors Council (2002-2005)
• Association of Program Directors in Internal Medicine (APDIM) Council (2004-2007)
• Association of Chiefs and Chairs of Medicine (ACCM) (2005-2011)
• ACCM Council (2008-2011)
• Master, American College of Physician (2014-Present)


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