Pedro Vendeira, PhD

Vendeira Urological Clinic
Oporto, Portugal


Born in 1966, Pedro Alexandre SimõesVendeira graduated as a Medical Doctor in 1990 and earned his PhD in 2001. He became a Board-certified Specialist in Urology in 1999.

Prof. Vendeira has been a full specialist in the Urology Department and Head of the Andrology Department in the Hospital S. João, Oporto, Portugal (2001-2011). Additionally, he has been an Invited Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Oporto, Portugal, in Molecular Cell Biology and Urology until 2011.

Besides his field of Urological/Andrological Private Practice, Oporto, Portugal, since 2000 (SaúdeAtlântica – Clínica do Dragão- FIFA Medical Centre of Excellence since 2014), he is also a Consultant Urologist/Andrologist/Sexual Medicine Researcher at CETI (Advanced Center for the Study and Treatment of Infertility – Oporto, Portugal) since 2000, Coordinator Researcher/Associate Professor at iSEX – Association for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality – Lisbon, Portugal since 2007, and Associate Research Member at SEXLAB (Research Group in Human Sexuality) at the Laboratory of Human Sexuality Research, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Oporto, Portugal since 2014.

Research Interest

Erectile dysfunction, Ejaculatory disorders,La Peyronie’s disease, Male infertility, Erectile and sexual rehabilitation, Priapism.

Scientific Activities

Main Awards

1 – As a Medical Student

Prize “Professor Silva Pinto” (1985-1986)
Best student in the discipline of Histology and Embryology
Prize “Tiago de Almeida” (1989-1990)
Best student in the discipline of Medical Clinics

2 – Research awards

• 2000 Portuguese Society of Andrology Research Award – 1st prize
“Evaluation of erectile dysfunction after radical prostatectomy. A comparative study using doppler analysis and the NEVA device in penile hemodynamics before and after treatment with sildenafil”
• 2003 Portuguese Society of Andrology Research Award – 1st prize
“Angiogenesis molecular modulation in a corpus cavernosum rat model. Effects of ageing, diabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia in erectile function”
• 2006 Portuguese Society of Andrology Research Award – Professor Alexandre Moreira – 1st prize
“Functional characterization of autocrine and paracrine angiogenic mechanisms in rat corpus cavernosum models”
• 2007 European Society for Sexual Medicine Grant for Medical Research
“Bone marrow derived-cell treatment for diabetes-associated erectile dysfunction”
• 2008 Portuguese Urological Association Research Award – 1st prize
“Objective changes in the angiogenic gene expression in erectile diabetic tissue. Searching for new therapeutic targets”
• Best Podium Presentation – 2010
The role of intracellular kinases in ageing erectile dysfunction
25th Congress of the European Association of Urology
Barcelona, Spain
• Best Portuguese Paper Award – 2010
Microarray screening of angiogenic gene alterations in diabetic cavernosal tissue
10th Congress of the European Federation of Sexology
• Best Poster Presentation – 2010
“Are all metabolic syndrome components responsible for penile hemodynamics impairment in erectile dysfunction patients?”
American Urological Association Annual Congress
San Francisco, USA
• 2010 Portuguese Urological Association Research Award – 1st prize
“Diabetes-associated erectile dysfunction. Evaluation and quantification of molecular changes induced by oxidative stress”
• 2011 European Society for Sexual Medicine Grant for Medical Research
“Erectile dysfunction and diabetes: Does vasculogenesis contribute to cavernosal endothelial repair?”


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