Paul F. White, PhD, MD, FANZCA

Director of Research
Department of Anesthesiology
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
8700 Beverly Blvd, Room 8211
Los Angeles, CA 90048, USA


Dr. White is a Graduated from an Honors program in Biochemistry at the University of California, Berkeley with Distinction in 1970. He subsequently earned his PhD (Pharmacology) and MD degrees from the University of California, San Francisco. Dr. White obtained Post Graduate training in both Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology at UC San Francisco, and has board certification in both medical specialties. Dr. White has edited 15 books and monographs, including major textbooks on the subspecialties of ambulatory anesthesia and intravenous anesthesia. Dr. White has also contributed more than 100 chapters to textbooks (and monographs) edited by colleagues from around the world. In addition to publishing over 450 peer-reviewed articles, Dr. White has written 20 editorials and published over 1,000 scientific abstracts. Two of his peer-reviewed publications were listed among the Top 10 most cited articles in Anesthesiology (and he has the second most citations by any individual author in the specialty). Dr. White has trained more than 75 postgraduate clinical research fellows during his academic career. He has given over 750 domestic and 500 international lectures. In addition, Dr. White has performed over 150 Visiting Professorships in the United States and abroad. Dr. White is acknowledged by his colleagues as an international leader in the fields of ambulatory anesthesia and acute pain management, and has been recognized in the Best Doctors in America and Whos Who in North America. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia (SAMBA), and the Dannemiller Memorial Foundations award for Educational Excellence in Anesthesiology. Dr. White was also a founding member and Past President of SAMBA, as well as the society for Intravenous Anesthesia (SIVA) and the International Society for Anesthetic Pharmacology (ISAP). Finally, Dr. White is the President and CEO of a private non-for-profit foundation, the White Mountain Institute in The Sea Ranch, CA which supports the arts and medicine.

Research Interest

His research interest includes: Acute pain management, Ambulatory anesthesia and surgery, Intravenous anesthesia and sedation techniques.

Scientific Activities


•(1966) California Scholastic Federation, Life Member
•(1967) Tower and Flame Honor Society, UC Berkeley
•(1970) Phi Beta Kappa Society, UC Berkeley (1970)
•(1976) Deans Prize, National Student Research Forum, UC San Francisco
•(1976) Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, UC San Francisco
•(1979) New Investigators Prize, 33rd Postgraduate Assembly in Anesthesiology, NY
•(1984) IARS Research Award, International Anesthesia Research Society
•(1990) Critikon Lecturer, Association of Anesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland
•(1991) Fellow, Faculty of Anaesthetists, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons
•(1991) Mendelson Lecturer, University of Toronto
•(1992) Fellow, Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists
•(1994) Best Doctors in America
•(1995) Whos Who in North America
•(1999) Benjamin Howard Robbins Memorial Lecture, Tennessee Society of Anesthesiologists
•(2000) C. Paul Boyan Lecture, Nurse Anesthesiology Faculty Associates, Richmond, VA (2000)
•(2001) SAMBA Distinguished Service Award (2001)
•(2002) Annual Francis Joe Dannemiller Memorial Award Lectureship
•(2002-2003) Whos Who in Medicine and Healthcare, Fourth Edition
•(2002-2004) Mary Hanna Memorial Journalism Award
•(2011) Nicoll Lectureship, International Association for Ambulatory Surgery
•(2013) Frontier Lectureship, Society for Ambulatory Anesthesia
•(2014) 3rd Annual Eger Lecture, Western Anesthesia Residents Conference (WARC), Los Angeles


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