Parastoo Mirzabeigi, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacist
Pars General Hospital
Keshvarz Blvd
Tehran, Iran



Dr. Mirzabeigi is a Clinical Pharmacy Specialist. She is currently a Clinical Pharmacist at Pars Hospital in Tehran, Iran. She was A Research Assistant at Cancer Research Center (CRC), Cancer Institute, Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran (2012-2013). She worked as a Scientific Advisor at Orchid Pharmed-Cinnagen in Tehran, Iran (2015). She received Doctor of Pharmacy Degree from the Medical University of Mazandaran (2005) and trained Residency of Clinical Pharmacy at Tehran University of Medical Sciences (2013).

Research Interest

Her research interest includes: Internal medicine pharmacotherapy.

Scientific Activities


• Iranian Society of Clinical Pharmacy (ISCP)
• Medical Council of the Islamic Republic of Iran


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