Advances in Food Technology and Nutritional Sciences

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Original Research

2022 Oct

Maya Harris, N’Dea Johnson and Bisrat Hailemeskel*

Original Research

2022 Sep

Lillian Onokala, Garrard Baker and Bisrat Hailemeskel*


2022 Feb

Amanda A. Prestes, Cristiane V. Helm, Erick A. Esmerino, Ramon Silva, Adriano G. da Cruz and Elane S. Prudencio*

Original Research

2021 Feb

Sana Shahid, Ali A. Leghari, Maira Anam, Tayyaba Gull, Jahanzaib Ashraf, Hafsa Tahir, Humna Liaqat and Muhammad W. Iqbal*

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Advances in Food Technology and Nutritional Sciences – Open Journal (AFTNSOJ) aims to publish science-based information from the fields of nutrition and dietetics in order to help professionals in related fields stay current on current advancements and relevant issues.

“Food Technology” refers to the processes of manufacturing and preserving food, including physical, chemical, and microbiological operations in food handling, packaging, and distribution. Food technology research and development are required to increase production rates and shelf-life without compromising food quality or nutritional content.

Food demand has been steadily increasing as the world’s population has grown. Food technology will continue to play an important role in the future, assisting production in meeting the demand for high-quality food. With food and nutrition research and development, large-scale production of safe and nutritious food is possible.


George F. Grant, PhD

World Organization of Natural Medicine

Associate editors

Farouk M. F. El-Sabban, PhD

Innovation and Commercial Development, Tate and Lyle

Deepti Dabas, PhD

Kalsec Inc.

Cheryl Reifer, PhD, RD, LD

Cheryl J. Reifer, LLC


Rob R. Unal, PhD

Julia Y. Cui, PhD

Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences, University of Washington

Malik A. Hussain, MSc, PhD

Centre of Food Research and Innovation, Lincoln University

Ammar M. H. AL-Farga, PhD

Food and Biological Engineering, Jiangsu University

Kaustav Majumder, PhD

University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Kanika Bhargava, PhD

Department of Human Environmental Sciences, University of Central Oklahoma

Maria U. Rosales-Hartshorn, PhD

Washington State University
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Maria L. Plaza-Delestre, PhD

Department of Food Science & Technology Program, University of Puerto Rico

Sami Dridi, PhD, HDR

Department of Avian Endocrinology & Molecular Genetics, University of Arkansas

Noel D. Aldrich, PhD

College of Graduate Health Sciences, Northwestern Health Sciences University

Amir A. Khoddamzadeh, PhD

Department of Horticulture & Landscape Architecture, Oklahoma State University

Zuoxing Zheng, PhD

Central Research, Kraft Foods Group Inc.

Zi (David) Teng, PhD

Departments of Nutrition and Food Science, University of Maryland College Park

Joseph Irudayaraj, PhD

Department of Biological Engineering, Purdue University

Mohamed B. Najjar, PhD

R&D Strategy & Portfolio Sector, Food & Beverage at PepsiCo

Mandar R. Patel, PhD

PepsiCo Inc.

Patricia Williamson, PhD

Innovation and Commercial Development, Tate and Lyle


Silvani Verruck, PhD

Federal University, Brazil

Ruchi Singh, PhD

Texas Tech University, USA

Farhad Vahid, PhD

University of Arak, Iran

Noboru Hasegawa, PhD

Ishikawa Prefectural Nursing University Japan

Komala Arsi, PhD

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, USA

Rodrigo L. Barbosa, PhD

Liverstock and Food Supply, Brazil

Sabine Ellinger, PhD

University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Adrija Sarkar, PhD

J. D. Birla Institute, India

Shamyla Nawazish, PhD

COMSATS University Islamabad, Pakistan

Sameh S. Ali, PhD

Jiangsu University, China

Kavitha Penugonda, PhD

Drexel University, USA

Diego Martinez, PhD

University of Arkansas, USA

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I like the fact the journal reviews the article in small time and the reviewers are quite knowledgeable and provide a good critic of the paper. However, the quality of the papers can be improved but I am sure the journal is working towards accepting only good quality manuscripts.

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