Omorogieva Ojo, PhD

Senior Lecturer in Primary Care
Faculty of Education and Health
University of Greenwich
Room G308
Avery Hill Campus, Avery Hill Road
London. SE9 2UG, UK


Dr. Omorogieva Ojo is a Senior Lecturer in primary care at the University of Greenwich, London. He is the coordinator of the Diabetes Care and Management course for post registration nurses and Patient Pathways of Care for pre-registration participants.
He teaches diabetes and nutrition related topics in different courses across the School of Health and Social care and conducts study days in collaboration with partner organisations outside the University. He is a link lecturer for students attending clinical placement in various community settings and also the Professional Tutorial Group Leader for students, providing academic and pastoral support to these students.
Dr. Ojo supervises undergraduate, Masters and PhD research students. His research interests are in diabetes and clinical nutrition. These are reflected in his publications and conference presentations. Dr. Ojos work is recognised both nationally and internationally and he has been a keynote speaker at the NNNG conference, a reviewer for Journals, Editor of Journals and sits on the Editorial Board on a number of International Journals.
He has previously held the post of Lead Nutrition Specialist, rising to the position of Acting Service Lead of the Home Enteral Nutrition Team in Lewisham Healthcare NHS Trust. His duties and responsibilities included:
• Providing nutritional support to enteral tube fed patients in the community
• Management, Teaching, Training and Mentoring of community nurses, students, carers and patients on home enteral nutrition.
• Conducting risk assessment, research and clinical audits.
• Developing home enteral nutrition team policy for the Primary Care Trust.
Dr. Ojo has also worked as a post-doctoral research fellow in the School of Science, University of Greenwich. His duties and responsibilities included:
• Conducting research on the effect of diet and exercise on overweight and obese subjects in the community.
• Providing support to undergraduate and post graduate research students including PhD students undertaking research.

Research Interest

His research interests include: Diabetes, Structured Education in Diabetes for Ethnic Minorities, Evaluation of the Glycaemic index of some carbohydrate rich ethnic minority foods in the UK, Clinical Nutrition, Enteral tube feeding in the community.

Scientific Activities


• (1970-Present) Colegio Médico de Chile
• (1971-Present) Sociedad de Biología de Chile
• (1971-Present) Sociedad Médica de Santiago
• (1982-Present) Fellow of the American College of Physicians
• (1986-Present) Member American Gastroenterological Association
• (1988-1990) Member of International liaison committee of the AGA
• (1989-Present) Albo di Medicina e Chirurgia di Roma, Italy
• (1992-2000) Member of the International Advisory Board on Gallstones


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