Olga Savvina, PhD

Head of the Department of Mathematics and Methods of teaching mathematics
The Institute of mathematics, natural sciences and engineering
Yelets State Bunin University
Yelets, Russia


(1985–1990) Yelets State Pedagogical Institute, speciality – teacher of mathematics and physics
(1990–2003) Lecturer, the physics and mathematics faculty, Yelets State Bunin University
(1994–1996) Moscow Region Pedagogical University, PhD course, speciality 13.00.02 The theory and methods of teaching mathematics
(2003) PhD course, Yelets State Bunin University, speciality 13.00.01 General pedagogy, history of pedagogy and education
(2003-2005) the Dean of the physics and mathematics faculty, Yelets State Bunin University
(2005-2016) Head of the department of mathematics and methods of teaching mathematics, Yelets State Bunin University

Research Interest

Her research interests include: General pedagogy, history of pedagogy General pedagogy, history of education, history of teaching mathematics, the role of society and charity in the development of educational institutions.

Scientific Activities

(2002) S.L. Kotsar Prize Laureate of Lipetsk regional Parliament and Administration, winner of the regional competition of young scientists research
(2005) Oficial document of Honor by the Ministry of Education and Science RF
(2009) Diploma of the 1st degree Laureate of the First All-Russia competition of the Scientific-methodological Council in mathematics at the Ministry of Education and Science RF The Best educational publication in Mathematics
(2012) Honorary degree and Medal Honorary worker of Higher professional education of the Russian Federation
(2014) the Jubilee Medal of Lipetsk region Administration To the Glory of Lipetsk region
(2015) Certificate of the State registration of the database Teachers and Heads of educational institutions of Moscow educational district (Federal service of intellectual property of RF, № 2015620474).


She has about 200 publications.


1. Kolyagin Y.M., Savvina O.A., Tarasova O.V. Russian school and mathematical education: our pride and our pain. Oryol, 2007. Part 1, part 2, part 3.


1. Savvina O.A. Various is the image of fondling and wide is this commandment (of the philanthropists of Moscow teachers’ institute). Bulletin of St.Tikhon humanities university. Series IV. Pedagogy. Psychology. 2015. Issue 1(36). P.73-83(Savvina OA Differences Milovan image and wide this commandment ( benefactors of the Moscow Teachers’ Institute). Bulletin of Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox University . Series IV . Pedagogy. Psychology. 2015. Release 1(36). С.73–83). http://pstgu.ru/download/1426757485.6_savvina_73-83.pdf
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