Natalie N. Humphrey, PhD

Clinical Director
Elder Associates Limited
30-32 Picton Street, Newtown
Port of Spain, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, West Indies



Dr. Natalie Humphrey is a Clinical Psychologist with extensive experience in research, teaching, supervision and clinical services for people living with HIV/AIDS. She served as the Clinical Director of the Family Care Center Mental Health Program, which provided comprehensive mental health services to youth and adults living with HIV/AIDS. Dr. Humphrey was a Co-investigator for Seek, Test & Retain Linkages for Black HIV-infected, Substance-Using MSM. Her role with this study involved clinical supervision of research counselors and peer navigators who provide behavioral interventions to prevent HIV transmission among MSM living in New York City. Dr. Humphrey was appointed as a full council member with the HIV Health and Human Services Planning Council of New York, which oversaw distribution of HRSA Part A funding to meet the needs of PLWHA. She also served on the Needs Assessment Committee of the HIV Council, which evaluated the needs of special populations; such as MSMs and transgender adults affected by HIV. Additionally, Dr. Humphrey served a Faculty Trainer for the Columbia HIV Mental Health Project, which provides training to service providers throughout New York who seek to meet the needs of people affected by HIV/AIDS. Recently, Dr. Humphrey has provided consultation to studies in the Dominican Republic and Haiti concerning reducing safety risks to HIV-positive youth following disclosure of HIV status. She is currently the Clinical Director at Elder Associates Limited in Trinidad and Tobago, where she provides capacity building, training and clinical supervision to clinical psychologists who provide care in a resource limited setting. As she seeks to increase her international experience, her current research interests include HIV stigma and prevention of transmission in the Caribbean region.

Research Interest

Her research interests include: HIV stigma and prevention of transmission in the Caribbean region.

Scientific Activities


• 2012 – 2014 Full Council Member in HIV Health and Human Services Planning Council of New York
• 2011- 2014 Needs Assessment Committee Member in HIV Health and Human Services Planning Council of New York


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