Nadira Sultana Kakoly, MPH, MBBS

Department of Public Health
School of Public Health
BRAC University
Dhaka, Bangladesh


Dr. Kakoly was born in Dhaka, on 13th May, 1977. She is a Physician and a Public Health Specialist. Since her Graduation she has worked in the field of Public Health and Research in Bangladesh for over 10 years. She has published in renowned academic journals such as American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygieneand Pediatrics. She has presented her work in Scientific Seminars and chaired academic sessions both Nationally as well as Internationally. She is at present Faculty and Project Coordinator at the JPGSPH, BIGH, BRAC University.

Research Interest

Her research interest includes: Lie in Global health, Health systems, Infectious diseases, Chronic diseases and Epidemiology.

Scientific Activities


• (2014), Charles C. Shepard Award; Center for Disease Control, Atlanta, USA; This award was presented to the best manuscript, of which I am first author, on original research for scientific excellence demonstrated by the publication of : “Impact of introduction of the Haemophilus Influenzae type b conjugate vaccine in in the childhood immunization on childhood meningitis in Bangladeshi infants” The Journal of Pediatrics, 2013:163(1):S73-8 under the evaluationcategory. Publications within these categoriesare evaluated based on scientific merit (including originality, difficulty, efficiency, methods, and clarity) and impact on public health
• (2013), 1st runner up prize for Best poster; Health Systems in Asia; The poster presented at the Health Systems in Asia Reform conference, 2013 in Singapore titled “Mobilizing demand for primary health care among the urban poor in Bangladesh” won the 1st runner up prize at this social science and Medicine conference
• (2012), Nominated as top 10 scientists at ICDDR, B (International centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research)
• (2014), Nominated for best researcher Award, (James P. Grant School of Public Health, BRAC University)
• (1994), Secured second position in a National Board examination during Secondary school in Bhutan
• (1990), Obtained award for academic excellence in Manchester


• American Society for Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
• Bangladesh Medical Association
• Rotary club Dhaka


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