N. Clayton Silver, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Nevada
Las Vegas, USA

E-mail: fdnsilvr@unlv.nevada.edu


Dr. Silver is an Associate Professor of Psychology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He received his Bachelors degree from the University of Cincinnati and Masters and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from Tulane University. After receiving his PhD, he taught at the University of Richmond, Appalachian State University, and the University of Central Florida. He is co-author of one book and numerous scholarly articles in a variety of psychological areas.

Research Interest

Dr. Silver has two main research areas. First, he investigates the salience, understandability, and behavioral compliance of warnings. There are numerous variables (eg, familiarity of a product; signal words; icons) that influence whether we notice, read, and/or comply with a warning. His research considers these variables in an attempt to ultimately reduce accidents and increase safety related behaviors. Dr. Silver is also interested in general human factors issues.
Second, Dr. Silver develops user-friendly statistical software that augments the standard statistical software packages (e. g., SPSS). Moreover, he also uses Monte Carlo simulations to examine the behavior (e g, Type I error, power) of various statistical techniques. One of his primary interests in this field concerns hypothesis testing in correlation. Dr. Silver also has interests in psychometrics and measurement, including scale development and score validation.

Scientific Activities


• (1993) Awarded curriculum development grant at the University of Central Florida for conducting a survey of undergraduate capstone courses among psychology departments across the country. Amount: $1680


• APA Student Travel Award (March, 1988)
• Rosalba Ruiz Award for Research (May, 1985)


• Sigma Xi Psi Chi (National Honor Society in Psychology)
Rocky Mountain Psychological Association
Southeastern Psychological Association
Western Psychological Association


• (1993-present) Served on Psychology Student Awards, Graduate Student Selection, Psychology Graduate Training, Department Master Plan, University Equity, Leadership Assessment, Experimental Psychology Steering and Search, Academic Budget, Bylaws, Financial Aid, Graduate Statistics, Library, Grievance (chair), Special Hearing, and Instructional Media ConsultantSearch, Cognitive Psychology, Multicultural, Quantitative, Personnel, andDevelopmental Search Committees, Chair – Industrial/Organizational Psychology Search Committee, Human Subject Pool Coordinator -Psychology (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)
• (1990-1993) Served on Departmental Personnel, Human Factors, Undergraduate, Industrial/Organizational, Human Subjects, Psychology Core Curriculum, and Chair of Psychology Honors Program Development Committees (University of CentralFlorida)
• (1989-1990) Served on Departmental Personnel (alternate), Research, and Peer Review committees (Appalachian State University)
• (1988-1989) Served on Budget, Resources, and Strategic Planning Committee (University of Richmond)
• (1988) Served on committee studying administrative processes for the Self-Study program (Southern University at New Orleans)
• (1983-1988) Member of Ethics Committee (TulaneUniversity)
• (1982-1983) Member of Colloquium Committee (TulaneUniversity)



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