Mustafa Sahin, MD

Associate Professor
Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism
Ankara University School of Medicine
İbni Sina Hastanesi Ek Bina M-blok Kat:1
Sıhhıye/Ankara 06100,Turkey



• MD, Medical Faculty (English), Hacettepe University (1997)
• Speciality, Internal Medicine, Ankara University (2003)
• Speciality, Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, Baskent University (2006)


• Fellow, Ankara University Medical Faculty Internal Medicine Department (1998-2003)
• Fellow, Başkent Üniversitesi Medical Faculty Endocrinology and Metabolism Diseases Department (2003-2006)
• Specialist, Gülhane Üniversitesi Medical Faculty Endokrinoloji ve Metabolizma Hastalıkları Bilim Dalı (Army job) (2007-2008)
• Specialist Sağlık Baskanlığı Avukat Cengiz Gökçek State Hospital (2007)
• Postdoctoral Fellow, Mayo Clinic Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, USA (2001-2001)
• Associate Professor, Diskapi Research Hospital Department of Endocrinology docrinology and Metabolism, Turkey (2010-2011)
• Associate Professor, Ankara University Department of Endocrinology docrinology and Metabolism, Turkey (2011-Present)

Research Interest

His research interests include: Endocrine Emergencies, Endocrinology in intensive care and Preoperative care.

Scientific Activities


• Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism of Turkey (TEMD) (2003)
• European Thyroid Association (ETA) (2008)
• European Endocrinology Association


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