Musaeva Khaibat Magomedtagirovna, PhD

Department of Economics
Dagestan State University
Russian Federation, Republic of Dagestan
Makhachkala, Russia



• (1985-1988). Makhachkala Financial College
• (1988-1993). Dagestan State University (DSU) Makhachkala, Republic of Dagestan
• (1995-1999). Postgraduate Studies in Dagestan State University (extramural studies), Makhachkala.


• Professor, Department of Economics, Dagestan State University (1993-Present)
• Assistant of the Department of Finance and Credit (1993)
• Senior Lecturer in Finance and Insurance (1997)
• Associate Professor, Department of Taxes (2003), in combination-certified auditor (2006-2007)
• Professor of Tax and Monetary Federal State Budgetary Educational Institutions of higher professional Dagestan State University (2009)

Research Interest

Her research interests include: Social behaviour.

Scientific Activities


• The winner of the contest Minobnauki RF (2014). The execution of the pro-ektnoy state task.
• Winner of the Golden Diploma-2013 (nominated for higher and vocational education-21 Century)/International Forum on Science, Technology and Education. Moscow, (2013).
• Scientific director of the winner of the Youth Research Grant Competition Best Innovative Project of graduate students in the humanities
• Scientific director of the winner grants to scientific-research students and graduate students DSU in the humanities
• Scientific director of the Interregional Olympiad winner in the disciplines tax orientation Bagomedova MR (Awarded a medal and a diploma of 2 degrees).


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