Mohammad Reza Zarei, MD, MPH

Emergency Medicine Specialist
Sina Trauma and Surgery Research Center
Tehran University of Medical Sciences
Tehran, Iran


Mohahammad Reza Zarei is an Emergency Medicine specialist with a decade of successful experience in research activities in trauma and surgery research center, Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), Tehran, Iran. He is also a member of the Research Council of Trauma and Surgery Research Center. He specializes in Principles of Statistics and Epidemiology of Medical Research and regularly attends training sessions to teach medical emergency subjects and research methods workshops to medical students.


• (1992-1998), MD, Tehran University of Medical Sciences
• (2006-2008), MPH, Tehran University of Medical Sciences
• (2008-20011), Emergency Medicine, Imam Khomeini hospital, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Research Interest

His research interests include: Trauma, Emergency Medicine, Traffic accident.

Scientific Activities


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International Conferences:

1. Salimi J, Zarei MR. Trauma hot spots in an urban area: Is it possible to determinant the geographic distribution of trauma? Paper presented at: The 2nd mediterranean emergency medicine congress; 2003; Sitges Barcelona, Spain.
2. Salimi J, Zarei MR. Suspicious vascular injuries in the trauma patients admitted to trauma referral hospital in Tehran : A review of 458 patients from a state vascular registry. Paper presented at: The 2nd mediterranean emergency medicine congress; 2003; Sitges Barcelona, Spain.
3. Godsi M, Zarei MR, Karbakhsh M. Road traffic accident injuries in Tehran: A review of 3842 Cases. Paper presented at: Chinal Medicine Congress; 2005.
4. Zarei MR. Epidemiologic study of genitourinary trauma in Iran: Results of a national project. Paper presented at: The 9th Iranian Urology Association Congress; 2015; Tehran, Iran.
5. Zarei MR. Evaluating geographical distribution pattern of traumas in Tehran leading to hospitalization. Paper presented at: Emergency medicine congress; 2005; Tehran, Iran.
6. Vascular injuries in Tehran: A review of 123 cases. Paper presented at: The 3rd Mediterranean emergency medicine congress; 2005; Niece, France.