Michelle A. (Kurpakus) Wheater, PhD

Associate Professor with Tenure
Director of Research
Department of Biomedical and Diagnostic Sciences
University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry
2700 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Detroit, MI 48208-2576, USA



Dr. Wheater received a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Lowa State University, Ames, Iowa, and conducted postdoctoral research at Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, Illinois. She is currently the Director of Research and Student Academic Leadership Development and Division Director of Biomedical Sciences at University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry, Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Wheater is a member of the American Dental Education Association and AADR/IADR.

Research Interest

Her research interests include: An investigation of the effect of polyphenols and other natural molecules as anti-inflammatory and wound healing agents.

Scientific Activities


•(1982-1992) American Society for Cell Biology
•(1989-2004) Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology
•(1998-2000) Member, Womens Affairs Committee
•(2004-Present) American Dental Education Association
•(2006-2010) Liaison, ADEA CCI
•(2008-2012) Member, Council of Faculties
•(2009-2013) MedEdPortal Advisory Board
•(2009-2010) Leadership Institute Fellow
•(2012-2013) Chair, Basic Science Caucus
•(2011-2012) Secretary, Anatomical Sciences Section
•(2012-2013) Chair-Elect, Anatomical Science Section
•(2013-2014) Chair, Anatomical Sciences Section
•(2005-Present) International Association for Dental Research


School of Dentistry

•(2005-2007) Advisor to Dental Hygiene Class of 2007
•(2009-2013) Advisor to Dental Class of 2013
•(2005) Chair, Search Committee, Faculty, Diagnostic Sciences
•(2013) Search Committee, Faculty, Department of Endodontics
•(2014) Search Committee, Faculty, Department of Periodontics
•(2014) Chair, Search Committee, Faculty, Department of Biomedical and Diagnostic Sciences

School of Dentistry Standing Committees

•(2005-2009) Dental Hygiene Curriculum Committee
•(2005-Present) Academic Performance Committees
•(2005-2008) Faculty Development Committee
•(2006-2008) Chair
•(2008-Present) Ex officio
•(2005-2007) Committee on Committees
•(2013-2015) Committee on Committees
•(2006-2007) Research Committee
•(2007-Present) Ex officio

School of Dentistry Ad Hoc Committees

•(2008-2009) Strategic Planning Committee
•(2010-2013) Implementation Committee
•(2010-2014) CODA Compliance Committee
•(2012-Present) SoTL Curriculum and Innovation Initiative Committee
•(2012-2014) SOD PreDoctoral Dental Self-Study Steering Committee
•(2012-2014) AdHoc Committee 2 for Self Study
•(2012-2014) AdHoc Committee 9 for Self Study, Chair
•(2013) CODA Narrative Group

University Standing Committees

•(2006-Present) Institutional Review Board (Secretary)
•(2008-2010) Faculty Development Team

University Ad Hoc Committees

•(2010-Present) OSPRA Advisory Committee
•(2011-Present) Conflict of Interest Committee
•(2013-Present) Grants Review Team


•(2008, 2011) UDM School of Dentistry Community Open House
•(2009) MIDOR Michigan Day of Oral Health
•(2010, 2012) Give Kids a Smile Day
•(2012) ADEA Online Career Fair Academic Dentistry Booth Monitor
•(2014) Reviewer for AAMC Medical Education meeting programming
•(2011-2014) Reviewer for ADEA programming (workshops, seminars, posters)


•(1989-1991) NIH/National Eye Institute National Research Service Award (1989-1991)
•(1992) Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology Travel Fellowship
•(1997, 2000) Wayne State University School of Medicine College Teaching Award
•(2004, 2005) UDMSOD Outstanding Didactic Faculty Member
•(2005, 2006) Whos Who in America
•(2005) AcademicKeys Whos Who in Medical Sciences Education


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