Michael Silbermann, PhD

Executive Director
Middle East Cancer Consortium
P.O. Box 7495
Haifa 31074, Israel


Professor Michael Silbermann (D.M.D) PhD and certified specialist in oral and maxilla-facial surgery served for over 20 years as the Head of the Laboratory for Musculoskeletal Research.
He then served as the Chairman of the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Faculty of Medicine; Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Technion; Chief Scientist, Ministry of Health; Chairman of the Board of Governors, the United States-Israel Binational Science Foundation; Member of the Committee for the Promotion of Infrastructure in Biomedical Research, Ministry of Science, State of Israel; Member of the Foulkes Foundation (United Kingdom) Committee for Doctoral Fellowships; The Isreal Academy of Sciences and Humanities; Member of the National Committee for Ethics in Science and Intellectual Property, Israel; Executive Director, the Middle East Cancer Consortium since its establishment in 1996; First Representative of the State of Israel in the European Commission in the Program Committee of Bio-Medical Research; EU, Brussels; Chairman, National Committee for Examining Academic Specialty Training in Health, Social and Education Professionals, The Council for Higher Education, State of Israel; Excellence in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, The Finnish Academy of Sciences, Helsinki, Finland.

Research Interest

His research interests include end-of-life, survivorship research, quality of life (QoL) and the delivery of palliative care.

Scientific Activities

Prof. Michael Silbermann has gained international reputation through multinational research projects related to and cartilage development, metabolism, senescence. These have been funded by Israel, U.S and German research agencies: Israel National Council for Research and Development, Ministry of Science; Chief Scientist Office in the Ministry of Health and Commerce and Industry; NIH; USAID (MERC), and BSF in the United States; BMBF, GBF in Germany. Large financial support was also obtained from industries: Laser Industries, Israel; Teva Pharmaceutical Industry, Israel; General Biotechnologies, Israel; Diagnostic Technologies, USA; Nordisc Gentofte, Denmark; Surgical Biopolymer Materials, France; Medical Bracing Systems, Israel. He has been awarded three European Commission Grants, #70786, #71329 and #71395, and research fellowship grants by the American Association of Dental Research, The Fogarty Foundation (Bethesda, MD), EMBO, Max Planck Society, and Japan Society for the promotion of sciences. He has undertaken a number of senior national and international administrative duties especially in the field of biomedical research.


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