Maria Zannikou, PhD

Researcher & linical associate of Evangelismos Hospital
Pandrosou 43, 17564
Paleo Faliro, Athens, Greece


Dr. Zannikou is a Medical Neuropsychologist at Evangelismos Hospital in Athens, Greece. She received her BSc of Honours in Psychology 2009 and MSc in Health Psychology 2011 from University of Hertfordshire Hatfield-London-UK and nowadays, she is in the final year of PhD in Neuroscience expected by December to 2015.
Until now, she had worked as a researcher at Aigintio, ErrikosDinan, and Gennimatas Neurological Department Research on Quality of Life in Multiple Sclerosis patients, the effect of neuropsychological state on memory and locus of control and Ippokratio Hospital A research on Diabetes type I and II The effect of illness perception, eating experience nutrition and the usage of Nutritionists in the patients well being and The effect of Counselling on Patients with Diabetes type I and II in Athens Greece. The mentioned researches were presented in European 25th Conference of Health Psychology and Greek Conferences 4th Conference of Health Psychology and 4thConference of Counselling.
She has also worked as Health Psychologist Counselling Cancer- patients in Oncological Day Clinic of Metropolitan Hospital and she run a research concerning the cooling cup usage during chemotherapy research on issues such as body image, trait and state theory and the use of cooling cup. After that, she worked at Onassis Cardiac Clinic OCC as Health Psychologist and she was using Eclectic Psychotherapy in mothers that their children had diagnosed with Contigenal Heart Disease CHD. She was, also offering preoperative preparation and postoperative support to both children diagnosed with CHD and their siblings. Nowadays she is running researches on Vad and CHD at OCC pilot survey, qualitative and quantitative research.
During the time she was working at OCC she started her PhD Jenuary 2012 in Neuroscience and eventually got a position at Evaggelismos Hospital.
Dr. Maria Zannikou is a Clinical Associate in the department of Controlling Pain in Patients and a researcher of Neurological Department inEvangelismos Hospital. She is working on projects concerning Multiple Sclerosis, the cerebral topography of the demyelinating foci and the effect of new types of medications in brain-atrophy.

Research Interest

Her current research interests include the analysis and understanding of biopsychosocial and Neuropsychological aspects of Illness and how barriers in adherence to treatment and Nutrition Self-Efficacy could be controlled by psychotherapy or by the development of psychological frameworks. Further to this,she is interested in cross- cultural studies that include the analysis of personalitysociety interaction in concern of illness perception Locus of Control and Quality of Life.

Scientific Activities

Dr. Maria Zannikou had worked voluntarily in Therapeutic Riding Association of Greece. This association is mainly helping children with syndromes to get socialized and exercised through horseriding. Moreover she have done her placement in ODC- Oncology Day Clinic of Metropolitan Hospital in Greece where she runned a research concerning the effect of chemotherapy and cooling cup usage on Cancer patients Quality of Life traits and states. After this she was working as Health Psychologist in Onasio Cardiac Clinic OCC and nowadays, she runned a series of studies concerning Congenital Heart Disease and Vad expected to be publish by the end of the year. Due to her PhD thesis she started working with Multiple Sclerosis patients in Evangelismos hospital and eventually she got the position of Clinical associate of Evangelismos Hospital and researcher of The Department of Neurology and Neurosurgery at Evangelismos Hospital.


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