Malik A. Hussain, MSc, PhD

Associate Director
Centre of Food Research and Innovation
Lincoln University
Lincoln 7647, New Zealand



Dr Malik Altaf Hussain is an Associate Director at the Centre for Food Research and Innovation (CFRI) and a senior lecturer in Food Microbiology at the Department of Wine, Food & Molecular Biosciences (WFMB), Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Lincoln University New Zealand. He obtained his BSc (Hons) and MSc (Hons) in Food Technology from University of Agriculture Faisalabad (Pakistan) with distinction. He was awarded a PhD in Food Microbiology and Biotechnology by the University of Melbourne (Australia) in 2007. He received several prestigious international scholarships and academic prizes.
He completed several research projects in food science and technology area at four different institutes in three different countries. He worked two years as Scientific Officer at Pakistan Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (Lahore branch) in 2000-2003. Following to his PhD, Dr Hussain completed a research project at the University of Melbourne, Australia in 2007-2008 and was employed by Queensland University of Technology, Australia as Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2008-2010). Later on, he joined Lincoln University New Zealand as Lecturer in Food Microbiology in 2010. Now he is leading food microbiology research group at Lincoln University and working on a number of industry led projects on the development of functional foods (probiotics) and food safety. Dr Hussain is experienced in teaching, supervision, management, leadership, consulting, event organizations and international collaborations.

Research Interest

His research interests are in microbial biotechnology, probiotics, foodborne pathogens, food safety and security, and microbial stress responses using advanced techniques such as proteomics, metabolomics and genomics.

Scientific Activities

As leader of Lincoln University’s food microbiology research group he is currently working on a number of industry led projects related to the development of functional foods (probiotics) and food safety. As associate director of Lincoln’s Centre for Food Research and Innovation, his efforts are focused to expand international linkages and developing research programs at the centre. He is the chief organizer of Asia-Pacific Probiotics Workshop 2014 at Lincoln University ( He is also member of the technical committee of AFSSA Conference on Food Safety and Security 2014.


Dr Hussain has written more than 100 scholarly documents including peer reviewed papers (18), scientific articles (17), conference abstracts (22), project reports (15) and technical documents (18). Selected recent publications are listed below:
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