Lili Zhang, PhD, MD

2184 Funston Ave
San Francisco, CA 94116, USA


Academic Background

• (2019) Certificate Clinical Research Conduct & Management UC BerkeleyExtension
• PhD, Microbiology University of California, California, USA
• BS/MS, Clinical Medicine Chongqing University of Medical Sciences, China

Research Interest

Her research interest keywords include: Clinical trial, Clinical practice, Cancer immunotherapy, Immuno-oncology, Car-T, Checkpoint antibody, Bispecific antibody, Hematology.

Scientific Activities


1. Zhang L, Gallup M, Zlock L, et al. Cigarette smoke mediates nuclear to cytoplasmic trafficking of transcriptional inhibitor kaiso through MUC1 and p120-catenin. Am J Pathol. 2016; 186(12): 3146–3159. doi: 10.1016/j.ajpath.2016.08.011
2. Zhang L, Gallup M, Zlock L, Chen YTF, Finkbeiner WE, McNamara NA. Pivotal role of MUC1 glycosylation by cigarette smoke in modulating disruption of airway adherens junctions in vitro. J Pathol. 2014; 234 (1): 60-73. doi: 1002/path.4375
3. Zhang L, Gallup M, Zlock L, Basbaum C, Finkbeiner WE, McNamara NA. Cigarette smoke disrupts the integrity of airway adherens junctions through the aberrant interaction of p120-catenin with the cytoplasmic tail of MUC1. J Pathol. 2013; 229(1): 74-86. doi: 1002/path.4070