Leonard I. Boral, MD, MBA, FCAP, FASCP

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
University of Kentucky Medical Center
Lexington, KY 40536-0298, USA


Dr. Boral is the Director of Blood Bank Services and a Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and of Anesthesiology at the University of Kentucky Medical Center in Lexington, KY. His educational degrees are a BS from Muhlenberg College, Allentown PA; an MD from the University of Pennsylvania Medical School, Phila. PA; and an MBA from Mississippi College, Clinton, MS.
He is Board Certified in Anatomic and Clinical Pathology as well as Blood Banking Transfusion Medicine and did his specialty training at Syracuse Upstate Medical Center, Syracuse, NY and at NYU/Bellevue Medical Centers, NY, NY. Some of his prior positions have included Chairman of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center, Newark NJ and Director of Laboratories at Cook County Medical Center, Chicago, IL.
He is a member of numerous national and regional organizations and committees and currently, he is the College of American Pathologists Mid-Central Regional Commissioner, the Secretary of the Kentucky Society of Pathologists, and the Treasurer of the Kentucky Association of Blood Banks.

Research Interest

His Research interest includes: Transfusion Medicine, Apheresis – Therapeutic and Donor. Blood Donation, Blood Management, Tissue Banking, Coagulation, Point of Care Testing, Laboratory Management, Laboratory Inspection and Accreditation.

Scientific Activities


• Abraham Flexner Master Educator Award in the area of Educational Innovation and Curriculum Development for developing and implementing the first required 1 month blood bank rotation for second year anesthesiology residents (8/15/2011)


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