Karim Abdul Abawi, MD

Project Manager
Education & Research
Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research
150 route de Ferney
1211 Genève 2, Switzerland


Born and raised in Afghanistan, Karim Abawi studied medicine in Kabul Afghanistan and graduated with honours in 1992. From 1992 to 2000, when Afghanistan was the theatre of wars and conflicts, Dr. Karim Abawi worked for many National and international NGOs and was in-charge of planning and implementing various health and social projects. He is considered as the pioneer of reproductive health services in Afghanistan, as during the war, when health system was almost collapsed, he maintained maternal and child health services in many rural and urban areas.
In 2000, he came to Switzerland and worked as the project collaborator for a Swiss organisation (La société pour des people menacés), an organisation for the defence of indigenous peoples rights.
In 2005, Dr. Karim Abawi, successfully obtained a Masters of Science Degree from the Graduate Institute of Development Studies in Geneva. His thesis was about the policy coherence of development cooperation in the process of post-war reconstruction of health system.
From 2007 to 2009, he has worked as adviser at the Department of Reproductive Health and Research of the World Health Organisation in Geneva.
Moreover he is actively involved in overall activities of the foundation, including the collaborative activities with the Foundation partners.

Research Interest

His research interests include Sexual and Reproductive Health Research.

Scientific Activities

Currently Dr. Karim Abawi is the following responsabilities within the Geneva foundation for Medical Education and Research:
1.Coordinator of the post-graduate course on research methodology in sexual and reproductive health “From Research to Practice; Training in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research”, which is provided yearly by the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research (GFMER), WHO and other training and research institutions, where participate health professionals from all-over the world.
2.Coordinator for the Sexual and Reproductive Rights project that aims to contribute to a meaningful inclusion of human rights in sexual and reproductive health issues with active collaboration of health and rights professionals from different countries.
Moreover Dr. Abawi is the coordinator for a training module on sexual and reproductive rights which is offered to health professionals who attend the GFMER course on sexual and reproductive health research.


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