Julio B. Puerta, PhD

Senior Vice President
Research and Development
Borden Dairy Company
8750 N. Central Expressway, Suite #400
Dallas, TX 75231, USA


Julio Boza is SVP, R&D, at Borden Dairy Company based in Dallas since September 2013. Formerly, he worked for the Coca-Cola Company as Director of Health and Nutrition at the Global Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Department in Atlanta. He joined the company as Group Nutrition Director within the SRA Department at Coca-Cola Europe based in Brussels on July 2008. In April 2010, he moved to Atlanta as Nutrition Research Director in the Global R&D Department.
He joined The Coca-Cola Company from Puleva Biotech in Spain, where as a Managing Vice-Director, he was responsible for designing and investing in a research strategy and developing fortified and functional dairy products (2000-2008). Prior to that, he worked at the Nestle Research Center in Lausanne (Switzerland) from 1996 to 2000 in infant and clinical nutrition research projects. He made two postdoctoral research trainings in the UK (Institute of Food Research, Norwich) and USA (Baylor College of Medicine, Houston).
Julio Boza holds a MSc in Pharmacy and a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Granada in Spain. He has been a Member of the ILSI Europe Board of Directors (2009-2011), Member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Nutrition Society (2003-2008) and, since 2000, he is a Visiting Professor at the University of Granada.

Research Interest

His research interests include: Infant Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Functional Foods, Metabolism (Proteins, Lipids, Carbohydrates, Minerals and Vitamins), Dairy Foods, New Ingredients for Functional Foods, Nutrition and health claims.

Scientific Activities

• Member of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Society of Nutrition. 2003-2008.
• Visiting Professor. Food Science and Technology. Univ Granada. Since 2000.
• Visiting Professor. Nutrition and Functional Foods. Univ Balearic islands. Since 2012.
• ILSI Europe (Functional Food Task Force Member): 2002-2005.
• ILSI Europe (Addition of Nutrients Task Force Member): 2008-2010.
• ILSI Europe (Dietary Carbohydrate Task Force Member): 2008-2010.
• ILSI Europe Member of the Board of Directors: 2009-2011.
• ILSI NA (Carbohydrates Committee): since 2011.
• ILSI NA (Polyphenols Committee): since 2011.
• Director of 3 PhD Thesis.


International Publications

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