Joseph Shiu Kwong Kwan, MB ChB, MPhil, MD, FRCP

Clinical Associate Professor
Department of Geriatric Medicine
University of Hong Kong
102 Pok Fu Lam Road, Hong Kong


Dr. Joseph is a UK-trained Geriatrician. After gradating from Bristol Medical School in 1994, he went on to qualify from 4 other Universities including MPhil from Southampton University, MD from Edinburgh University, and Clinical Neurology from UCL. He was a Consultant Geriatrician for 8 years in the UK before returning to HKU as the Clinical
Associate Professor at the HKU. He also works as a Consultant at Queen Mary Hospital and Grantham Hospital. His academic research focuses on improving the lives of older people, including physical, cognitive and psychosocial independence, and a good quality of life. His current research portfolio concentrates on two main themes: a) aging brain from stroke and dementia; and b) aging muscle its impact on frailty and function. He is a strong advocate for ethical and humanistic care for the old and vulnerable people in the Society, and his motto is Happy Aging, Healthy Aging.

Research Interest

His research interests includes: Aging brain: vascular and Alzheimers dementia, Aging muscles: sarcopenia, Frailty in old age, Geroscience: relationship between biological aging and age-related diseases, Evidence-based gerontology and geriatric medicine, Health, human rights and humanistic care and Quality of life.

Scientific Activities


• (2014-now)- Member of the Medical Humanities Planning Group, University of HK
• (2014-now)- Organiser of the undergraduate teaching for Geriatric Medicine, University of HK
• (2014-now)- Editorial Board for the Journal of Heart Surgery and Treatment
• (2014-now)- Sentinel Reader in Evidence-Based Medicine for MORE (McMaster Online Rating of Evidence)
• (2014-now)- Contributor to the HK Geriatrics Society Curriculum in Geriatric Medicine, HK
• (2013-now)- MRCP and PACES Examiner, Royal College of Physicians London, UK
• (2012-3)- Consultant Representative, Cardiovascular Clinical Commissioning Programme, Dorset, UK
• (2011-3) – Consultant Representative, Stroke Specialist Training Committee, Wessex Deanery, UK
• (2011-3)- Consultant Representative, South West Stroke Research Network Management Board, UK
• (2010-2) – Head of Department, Department of Stroke Medicine, Royal Bournemouth Hospital, UK
• (2009-11)- Medical Director of Regional Stroke Network, Dorset, UK


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