John M. Janzen, PhD

Professor Emeritus
Department of Anthropology
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045-7540, USA



• PhD, University of Chicago, Anthropology, (1967)
• MA, University of Chicago, Anthropology, (1964)
• Certificate in African Studies, University of Paris (Sorbonne), (1963)
• BA, Bethel College, North Newton, KS. Social Science & Philosophy, (1961)


• Visiting Professor, Gulu University, Uganda. MA Program in Medical Anthropology. (Nov, 2014)
• University of Kansas, Assoc. Prof., 1972-1975; Professor, 1977-2014; Emeritus Professor, (2014-Present)
• Visiting Professor, Medical University of Vienna, Austria, (Spring 2004)
• Visiting Lecturer, Harvard University, Central for Population & Development, (March, 2004)
• University of Cape Town, Visiting Professor, (1982)
• American Univ. Cairo, Visit. Distinguish. Prof, (Jan., 1983)
• McGill University, Asst Prof., (1969-1972)
• Bethel College, Asst Professor, 1967-1968; Visiting Prof, (1976)

Research Interest

His research interests include: Social anthropology, Medical anthropology, Semiotics, Trauma and healing.

Scientific Activities


• (1969) Social Science Research Council Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Kongo therapeutics
• (1978) Wellcome Medal and Award, Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, for anthropological research and publication pertaining to medical issues-Quest for Therapy
• (1979) Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, Western Equatorial African historic Lemba cult, traces in Western European museums
• (1982-1983) Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship, Zaire, Swaziland, Tanzania, ngoma healing
• (1985-2014) Numerous PhD student fellowships from Fulbright, NIH, NSF, and SSRC to sponsor dissertation research on health and healing in Africa and elsewhere
• (2000-2013) Department of Education Title VI National Resource Center grant for African Studies Center, University of Kansas
• (2003) Balfour Jeffreys Social Sciences & Humanities Research Achievement Award, University of Kansas
• (2004) Visiting Lecturer: Harvard University & Medizinische Universitaet Vienna
• (2006-2010) US Dept. of Education NRC Grant for Kansas African Studies Center
• (2006-2010) US Dept. of Education Foreign Language & Area Study
• (2012) Byron Alexander Award for Excellence in Graduate Advising. College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, University of Kansas
• (2014) Visiting Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology. Halle, Germany



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