Jianyu Rao, MD, FCAP

Professor of Pathology and Epidemiology
Chief of Cytopathology
Medical Director, UCLA Cytotechnology School
Director, International Telepathology Program
Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center
10833 Le Conte Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90095, USA


Dr. Rao is a Diagnostic Surgical/Cytopathologist and established investigator in cancer biomarker studies. Prior to be a Pathologist, he was already an established molecular epidemiologist involved in multiple high profile cancer prevention studies. He completed his Anatomic/Clinical pathology residency and Cytopathology Fellowship at UCLA, and joined the UCLA Department of Pathology as a Faculty in 1999. Dr. Rao is a Full Professor and the Chief of Cytopathology, Ex-director of Gynecological Pathology, the Director of International Telepathology, and the Medical Director of Cytotechnology School. He has dual appointments in Pathology and Epidemiology. He is also a recipient of Thousand-Talent program of China. He is particularly well known for cancer biomarker studies, as he has over 30 year experience in this area. He has been invited to be a Speaker for over 100 meetings and occasions locally, nationally and internationally for topics including urine cytology, Fine Needle Aspiration cytology, gynecological pathology, and cancer molecular biomarkers. Dr. Rao has an active role in teaching and research, with continuous funding from NIH or other agencies for cancer biomarker and prevention studies in the last 25 years, with over 140 peer-reviewed research publications.

Research Interest

His research interests include: Developing new technologies for pathology especially cytopathology, including imaging analysis, nanotechnology and telepathology.

Scientific Activities


• Provosts Research Fellowship Award, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, (1987-1989)
• Young Investigator Award of Seventh Annual Meeting of Clinical Applications of Cytometry, (1992)
• Richard F. Dwyer and Elaine W. Dwyer Award for Excellence from the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Foundation, (1996)
• Finalist for ASCP/CAP Pathology Resident Award Competition, Spring Meeting, (1998)
• First award, LASOP Pathology Research Competition, (1999)
• USCAP Annual Meeting received Stowell – Orbison Certificate of Merit award for resident research project entitled Prostate Stem Cell Antigen as an Adjunctive Marker for Urothelial Carcinoma in Urine Cytology Specimens (2007)
• Nominee, Geno Saccomanno, M.D. New Frontiers in Cytology Award, (2009)
• Nominee, Shaw Prize in Life Science and Medicine, (2010)
• Guangji Scholar, Zhejiang University Second Affiliate Hospital, China, (2011)
• Thousand-Talent Program, Central Organization Department, China, (2013)
• Visiting Professor, Zhejiang University, (2013)
• Huaxia Education Award, Huaxia Pathology Association (ipathology.cn), (2013)



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