Jervas Ekezie, PhD

Department of Anatomy
Federal University of Technology
PMB, Owerri, Ihiagwa, Nigeria



• (2012) Abia State University, Uturu, Nigeria PhD
• (2006) AhmaduBelloUniversity, Zaria, MSc Human Anatomy
• (2000) AhmaduBelloUniversity, Zaria, BSc Human Anatomy
• (2008) Nigerian institute for Biomedical Engineering, Professional Certificate
• (2008) Nigerian institute for Biomedical Engineering, Professional Diploma


• (2015) Ag HOD Anatomy Coordination, Research & Teaching
• (2013) Senior Lecturer Department of Prosthesis and Orthotics, Federal University of Technology Owerri, Nigeria

Research Interest

His research interest includes: Bio anthropology, Forensic anthropology, Muscular skeletal system disorder, Neuro Anatomy, Studies on visceral organs.

Scientific Activities


• Member, Neuroscience Society of Nigeria
• Member, Society of Experimental and Clinical Anatomists of Nigeria (SECAN)
• Member, Anatomical Society of Nigeri (ASN)
• Member Nigeria Institute for Biomedical engineering
• Member, Health Promotion Research Association of Nigeria
• Member, Nigerian Society for Quality Assurance


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