Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD

Director, University of Toronto Hair Clinic
Womens College Hospital
Assistant Professor of Dermatology
University of Toronto
Hair Transplant Surgeon &
Medical Director, Donovan Medical
Toronto, ON M5S 1B2, Canada


Dr. Donovan is a US and Canadian board-certified dermatologist specializing exclusively in hair transplantation and hair loss. His offices are based in Toronto and Vancouver, Canada. He is certified by the American Board of Dermatology and the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. He received his medical degree from the University of Ottawa. His post-graduate clinical training in Dermatology and PhD studies in molecular biology were conducted at the University of Toronto.
Dr. Donovan is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and conducts research in multiple areas of hair loss. He currently serves as a medical advisor to several hair loss organizations, including the Canadian Alopecia Areata Foundation (CaNAAF) and the Canadian Association of Scarring Alopecias (CASA) and the Canadian Hair Loss Foundation, a consultant to numerous cosmetic and hair research companies around the world and an independent medical examiner for individuals who may have experienced hair loss from injury.

Research Interest

His current research interests include: Hair transplantation, Hair loss in women, Scarring alopecia, Ethnic hair disorders and alopecia areata.

Scientific Activities


• (2014) Canadian Skin Patient Alliance Pro-Patient Dermatologist Honoree
• (2013) Canadian Skin Patient Alliance Pro-Patient Dermatologist Honoree
• (2012) Canadian Skin Patient Alliance Pro-Patient Dermatologist Honoree
• (2012) International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Grant Awardee
• (2012) 1st Place Poster, Best Practical Tip, International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery 20th Annual Meeting, Bahamas
• (2012) Outstanding Lecturer in Dermatology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto
• (2011) International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery , 2011 Annual Meeting, 1st Place. Poster Presentation
• (2011) Selected as participant, 2011 Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology Editorial Mentorship Program
• (2010) Selected as participant, 2010-2011 American Academy of Dermatology Academic Dermatology Leadership Program
• (2010) 1st Runner-Up, Evert C. Fox Award in Basic Laboratory Research, 2010 American Academy of Dermatology Resident and Fellows Symposium, Miami, FL USA
• (2010) Co-Recipient, Best Paper in Dermatologic Surgery, Division of Dermatology, University of Toronto
• (2010) Canadian Skin Patient Alliance “Pro-Patient” Dermatologist Honoree
• (2009) Canadian Professors of Dermatology/La Roche Posay Award, Best Presentation at Canadian Society of Investigative Dermatology Annual Meeting 2009
• (2009) Canadian Dermatology Association, Resident & Fellows Society-2009 Resident Teaching Award
• (2009) Division of Dermatology, University of Toronto-2009 Colin A. Ramsay Resident Teacher Award
• (2009) Division of Dermatology, University of Toronto-2009 Administration Award
• (2009) Division of Dermatology, University of Toronto-2009 Resident Research Award
• (2009) North American Hair Research Society Mentorship Award
• (2009) American Society of Dermatologic Surgery Preceptorship Award (Training in Hair Transplantation
• (2008) Award Winner, Dermatology Times of Canada Writing Contest
• (2008) Canadian Professors of Dermatology Award/La Roche Posay Award, Best Presentation at Canadian Society of Investigative Dermatology Annual Meeting 2008
• (2008) 2nd Runner-Up Evert C. Fox Award in Basic Laboratory Research, 2008 American Academy of Dermatology Resident and Fellows Symposium, San Antonio, TX USA
• (2008) Medical Dermatology Society Mentorship Award
• (2007) Award Winner, Dermatology Times of Canada Writing Contest
• (2007) Outstanding Poster Recognition Award, 2007 World Congress of Dermatology
• (2007) Best Presentation Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada Annual Meeting, Winnipeg, Canada
• (2007) Meredith Fellowship for Research in Immunology
• (2007) Canadian Professors of Dermatology Award, Best Presentation Oral Plenary Session. Canadian Dermatology Association Annual Meeting. Toronto
• (2007) Toronto Western Research Institute Research Day- 1st Place in Basic Research
• (2007 1st Prize Poster, Department of Medicine Charles Hollenberg Clinician Educator Research Day
• (2007) Scholarship, Society for Investigative Dermatology, Retreat for Future Academicians
• (2007) World Congress of Dermatology Scholarship
• (2007) Alexander A. Fisher Gold Award for “Best Resident Presentation” American Contact Dermatitis Society 2007 Annual Meeting. Washington, DC
• (2006) American Society of Dermatopathology Mentorship Award
• (2006) Canadian Professors of Dermatology/La Roche-Posay Award, Canadian Society of Investigative Dermatology Annual Meeting
• (2006) Canadian Medical Association Leadership Innovation Award
• (2006) Martin- Goodman-Feher Award for Best Presentation, University of Toronto Resident Research Day in Dermatology
• (2006) Alexander A. Fisher Award for Best Resident Presentation, American Contact Dermatitis Society 2006 Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA
• (2005) Dowling Club/ British Association of Dermatologists Scholarship
• (2005) Best Presentation Hospital for Sick Children Dermatology Resident Research Day
• (2005) R.K. Schachter Award, Best Resident Research Publication 2004-2005
• (2004) Best Presentation Toronto Western Hospital Clinical Research


• International Society for Hair Restoration Surgery
• North American Hair Research Society
• American Academy of Dermatology
• Canadian Dermatology Association
• Canadian Medical Association


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