Janelle Lyn Yorke, PhD

Senior Lecturer
School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Work
University of Manchester
Room 5.320, Jean McFarlane University
University Place
Oxford Road
Manchester M13 9PL, UK


• (2006-2009) University of Salford PhD. Topic: Quantification of breathlessness using descriptors in cardiopulmonary disease]. Supervisor: Professor Paul Jones
• (2004-2005) Imperial College London Certificate of Advanced Study in Learning and Teaching (PGCE equivalent).
• (2000-2002) Australian Catholic University Masters of Research. Topic: Patients perceptions of pain management post cardiac surgery]. Supervisor: Professor Marianne Wallis
• (1996-1998) Australian Catholic University Post Graduate Diploma in Cardiothoracic Nursing
• (1988-1991) University of Western Sydney Diploma of Applied Science (Nursing).

Research Interest

Her research focuses on the assessment and self-management of complex symptoms.

Scientific Activities

• Travel Scholarship Awarded by: Asthma UK, 2010, European Respiratory Conference, Barcelona
• Travel Scholarship Awarded by: British Lung Foundation, 2009, European Respiratory Conference, Vienna
• Travel Scholarship Awarded by: Dyspnea-Central International Travel Award, 2009, USA
• Marjorie Simpson New Researcher of the Year Awarded by: Royal College of Nursing, 2007
• Elizabeth Yeo Best Oral Presentation Awarded by: Transplant Nurses Annual Conference, 2003
• Best Paper Awarded by: St Vincents Hospital Monograph, 2001
• Best Poster Presentation Awarded by: Transplant Nurses Association, 2001
• Peer Recognition Award Awarded by: St Vincents Hospital, 2001, Sydney
• Best Presentation voted by the audience Awarded by: St Vincents Nursing Research Symposium, 2001, Sydney
• Best Presentation voted by committee Awarded by: St Vincents Nursing Research Symposium, 2001, Sydney
• Research Scholarship Awarded by: St Vincents Nursing Research Unit, 2000
• Highly Commended – Post Graduate Diploma in Cardiothoracic Nursing Awarded by: Australian Catholic University

Membership Of Professional Bodies
• RGN – Registration with NMC (UK)
• British Thoracic Society – Nurse Advisory Group
• American Thoracic Society – member of Nursing Assembly Scientific committee 2011
• European Respiratory Society
• Royal College of Nursing Research Society – NW Regional Chair and New
• Researcher Award Chair of the judging panel


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