Iwu Dwisetyani Utomo, PhD

Fellow, HDR Convenor
Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute
Head of the Indonesian Diaspora Network ACT
The Australian National University
Canberra ACT 0200, Australia



Dr. Utomo is a Fellow and PhD Convenor at the Australian Demographic and Social Research Institute, Australian National University. She teaches Social Research Design and Gender and Population for postgraduate students as well as supervising Master and PhD students. She has experiences in designing and running survey and qualitative interviews on reproductive health matters and sexuality. Before she became a Fellow she was working at the Indonesian Ministry of Population and Environment and the Population and Family Planning Coordinating Board/BKKBN. She has strong ties and network with the Indonesian stake holders, policy makers, parliamentarians and senate as well as NGOs working on gender, sexuality and reproductive health issues. She leads two big projects: The Greater Jakarta Transition to Adulthood Survey funded by ARC, WHO, Ford Foundation and National University of Singapore and the Indonesian Gender and Reproductive Health Study (Funded by AusAID). Her most recent publication is on “Young people’s understanding of domestic violence: evidence from a school based survey of Grade 6 and Grade 12 students in Indonesia” (2014, Genus, v. 70, n. 2-3, ISSN 2035-5556).

Research Interest

Her research interests include: Gender empowerment, gender depiction in school textbooks, curriculum and school system, reproductive health and sexuality, sexual health, transition to adulthood and life course in Indonesia, and her research experience has extended to Indonesia, Timor Leste, PNG, Thailand, Mozambique and South Africa.


Her interdisciplinary background –psychology, population studies and demography– translates into more than two decades of professional activities across sectors. In Indonesia, she has wide networks and has presented keynote addresses at the Indonesian Parliament, Senate (DPRD) and KOMAS Perempuan on Gender Depiction in school textbooks and curriculum and violence against women, sexual harassment and domestic violence. Her research on Gender and Reproductive Health in Indonesia has become a background academic paper for the Indonesian draft bill on gender equality. She has been awarded as outstanding ANU women award; best supervisor; ANU Inspiring Women and nominated for the 2014 and 2015 Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Supervision. Her research is focused in Indonesia but has extended to Timor Leste, PNG, Thailand, Mozambique and South Africa. She has strong interpersonal communication skill and collaboration with policy makers in Indonesia; experiences in designing and leading workshops on gender, research design, population policy and development and reproductive health issues. She is also strong in designing and winning proposal as well as managing big project. Currently she is working on two books, Gender and reproductive health education in Indonesia and Transition to Adulthood in Greater Jakarta.

Scientific Activities


• 1997, Freeport Paper Prize Competition, Berkeley University
• 2010, Outstanding ANU Women Award
• 2010, Best Supervisor, ANU Award
• 2012, ANU Inspiring Women Award
• 2012, Pfizer Price Paper Competition Award-Indonesia
• 2013, Community: Indonesian Diaspora ACT-Head


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