Ignatovitch Alena Stefanovna, PhD

Associate Professor
Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences
Bogdanovich street 120, Apt. 50
Minsk, 220040, Belarus



1997 – Finished with honour Borovlyanskaya gymnasium (Minsk region, Belarus);
2002 – Graduated from Minsk State Linguistics University, acquired Specialty “Modern Foreign Languages” with specialization in “Foreign Literature”. Qualified as a “Linguist, Teacher of the English and Turkish Languages and Literatures”;
2009 – Finished with honour post-graduate studies in “General Pedagogies, the History of Pedagogies and Education” at Psychology and Pedagogical Skills Chair at the National Institute for Higher Education;
2010 – Awarded an academic degree of Candidate of Sciences (Certificate КН № 005553, 23.11. 2010, Minsk)
2015 – Awarded the academic status of Associate Professor (Pedagogy) Certificate №006637, 16.09, Minsk).


(2011–2016) – Associate Professor of the Youth Policy and Socio cultural Communication Chair (National Institute for Higher Education, Minsk).
(2002–2011) – Lecturer of Foreign Languages Chair at the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus (Minsk).

Research Interest

General Pedagogies, Inclusive Pedagogies; Multicultural Integration in Education; Continuity and Integrity of Education; Educational Multicultural Environment; Design of Educational Macro Systems.

Scientific Activities


scientific work on the issues related to the implementation of the priorities of youth policy in the Republic of Belarus; the provision of educational services in the field of supplementary education for adults: training, retraining and traineeship of executives and specialists working with youth; revealing, specification, and dissemination of innovative pedagogical achievements; development of effective methods aimed at the constant improvement of youth work quality; coordination work with public structures working with youth; methodological and coordination work with different minor youth groups; activities in the field of international youth cooperation; scientific, organizational, methodological and informational support for talented young people; moderation and facilitation of youth management techniques (games, simulation exercises, energizers, group building activity, etc.); organisation and coordination of the National Forum of youth workers; holding seminars on talented youth support; non-formal education by training youth leaders; non-formal sessions on promotion of “No hate speech movement”; cooperation wok with non-formal youth organizations such as Republican Public Organization Belarusian Association of UNESCO Clubs, The League of Youth Volunteer Service, etc.


Participated in the drafting of the Legal Act of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus “Qualification characteristic of an employee – carrier counselor”. A member of the working group on the formation of the Strategies of the State Youth Policy in the Republic of Belarus (2015–2020).
Co-author of the Educational Standard of the Republic of Belarus in the specialty of retraining of executives and specialists with higher education “Professional orientation of youth” with the qualification “Carrier counselor.”
Co-author of the Educational Standard of the Republic of Belarus in the specialty of retraining of executives and specialists with higher education “Educational activity in the English language” with the qualification “Lecture with Knowledge of English.”
Co-author of the Educational Standard of the Republic of Belarus in the specialty of retraining of executives and specialists with higher education “Organisation work with youth” with the qualification “Specialist in work with youth.”
Have 5 Acts on the practical use, and 3 references on the possible practical use of the results of research work. Participant of 8 fundamental and applied methodological research projects: Humanization and democratization of pedagogical process in the conditions of university education;
Development of public awareness at the stage of admission campaign to higher and secondary specialized educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus;
Scientific substantiation of the regulatory status of the National Classifier of specialties and qualifications and optimization of its structure in accordance with the prospects of economic development of the Republic of Belarus;
Scientific substantiation and development of information sections and an integrated system of administration of the website “Abiturient”;
Development of scientific and methodological support of the organization of the system of vocational guidance in higher education and the mechanism of its presentation on the website “Abiturient”;
Scientific and methodological support of additional vocational training development in the field of intellectual property;
The development of content, methods and means of training and teaching in contemporary educational environment;
Theoretical and methodological basis of the system formation of career-oriented activities in order to enhance human resources in terms of innovative economic development of modern society.


Organisation and facilitating of the International Seminar “Professional orientation of the youth: scientific and methodological support of development” (21/04/2011-22/04/2011).
Organisation and conducting webinar sessions on Guidelines to career strategy development»; «Soft skills development to increase employability among young people»; Tools for intercultural competence development»; Ways for orphans’ social integration.
Organisation and coordination of the International Summer School of Belarusian Studies (24/08/15-08/09/15; 30/06/16-15/07/16). Facilitation of interactive events, round-table discussions, master classes and educational excursions.
Рarticipation in the organization and coordination of the International Seminar (21/09/15 – 23/09/15) on youth policy development hold by The Eastern Partnership Youth Regional Unit. Facilitation of the round-table discussion “Experience in organizing training of the specialists in work with youth”, Open Space moderating.
Organisation and coordination of the First National Forum of Youth Work Specialists (21/10/2015-22/10/2015): projects peer review; project problem field definition and possible forms of presentation discussion; formation of the draft program and facilitating of the platform Innovative approaches to the implementation of the youth socially important initiatives”; education visits facilitation; organisation of the exhibition “The best practices and innovation technologies in youth work”.
Participation in webinars on evidence-based youth policy within the framework of EU-financed project The Eastern Partnership Youth Regional Unit.
Participation in a training course for youth workers and youth leaders “Innovative tools for Peace Education” (Kiev, Ukraine) (29/06-07/07).
Participation in a training course for youth workers and youth leaders “Keys to employability: soft skills development for empowering young people” (Agveran, Armenia) (07/09-16/09).
Organisation and moderating of the round table discussion “Improvement of career-oriented activities in the security service” for the academic staff of the state security service (04.08.2015).
Participation in organization and facilitating of the XVI National exhibition of scientific and methodological materials, teaching experience and youth creativity (28.04.2015 – 29.04.2015).
Organisation and moderating of an open master class for higher education staff “Socio cultural competence as a necessary condition for the development of international youth cooperation” (28.04.2015). Conduct the training session “Conflict resolution in a multicultural environment” for high school students (28.04.2015). Organisation and moderating of the Living Library “Youth: success and career” (29.04.2015).
Organisation and conducting of the master class “Academic staff training for work in an inclusive educational environment” for the participants of the XII International Scientific Conference “Higher Education: Problems and Prospects” (22/10/2015-23/10/2015).


78 publications: 1 monograph, 1 tutorial, 1 book, 3 studies, 34 methodical work, 36 articles; 2 state standards of retraining of executives and specialists having higher education. Have more than 25 publications on social inclusion, integration and youth policy development. There are some links to the latest works: