Ifigenia Giannopoulou, MScEdu, PhD

Senior Lecturer
Department of Sport & Exercise Science
School of Sport and Service Management
University of Brighton, UK


Ifigenia is Senior Lecturer in Sport, Exercise Science and Health at the University of Brighton Ifigenia comes from a diverse background of educational and research experiences, having studied and worked as an academic both in Europe and America. She has a BSc in Exercise Science from the University of Athens, Greece; a MscEdu in Exercise Science from Northern Illinois University in America; and a PhD in Exercise Physiology/Science Education, from Syracuse University in New York State in America. She has previously been a Lecturer in Applied Physiology at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, and a Lecturer in Exercise Physiology/Sports Nutrition, at the University of Athens in Greece.

More recently her research is focused on mental health, investigating the effects of lifestyle interventions through new innovative techniques such as mindfulness and mindful eating on mood, eating behavior, disordered eating and overall wellbeing in university students and mental illness patients.

Ifigenia has research publications in well-known research journals such as Metabolism, Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism and Nutrition and has been presenting her work in national and international research conferences. She is an editorial member of the European Commission Horizon 2020 Grants and various nutrition and exercise peer-reviewed journals.

Research Interest

Ifigenia’s research interests lie in the area of clinical exercise physiology and nutrition. Her research is focused on the effects of exercise and diet on health and specifically on abdominal obesity and chronic low-grade inflammation and on clinical populations such as obese individuals, type 2 diabetes patients and postmenopausal women.

Scientific Activities

Awards and Activities
• Athena Swan-Equality and Diversity Role in School of Sport and Service Management; University of Brighton 2017-present.
• Horizon Review Expert on Grant Submission under the topic ‘Multimorbidities and Mental Health’, Brussels, 2018.
• Horizon Review Expert on Grant Submission under the topic ‘Aging’, 2015..
• Editorial Board Review Member of the peer-reviewed journals:
• Nutrition Frontiers,
• Preventive Medicine Reports,
• International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,
• European Journal of Nutrition,
• Nutrients,
• Obesity Research-Open Journal
• Doctoral Research Prize, The Graduate School, Syracuse University ($1000), 2004
• Creative Graduate Student Research Award, Syracuse University ($3000), 2002
• Graduate Student Investigator Award, Mid-Atlantic Regional Chapter, ACSM (($1000), 2002
• Teaching Fellow Award – Syracuse University, 2002
• Teaching Fellow Award – Syracuse University, 2001
• Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award – Syracuse University, 2001
• Sidney W. Young Research Award – Syracuse University (1,000$), 2001
• Future Professoriate member 2000-2002 -Syracuse University
• American Red Cross, CPR and First Aid Certification
• American and Greek Lifeguard Association
• Member of the PHI BETA DELTA Honor Society for International Scholars
• Member of the American College of Sports Medicine

* Graduate Fellowship, Syracuse University, 2002-2003
* Graduate teaching and research assistantship, Syracuse University, 1998-2002
* Graduate teaching assistantship, Northern Illinois University, 1996-1997
* Greek government scholarship (ΙΚΥ) for graduate studies, 1998


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