Hiroshi Bando, MD, PhD, FACP

Tokushima University
Medical Research
Nakashowa 1-61
Tokushima City 770-0943, Japan


Dr. Bando had graduated from Tokushima University, School of Medicine in 1981. After obtaining the ECFMG certificate, he participated the family practice residency training in United States. He got the degree of Doctors of Medicine in 1989, and engaged in the research of endocrine and metabolic medicine in Tokushima University as an instructor and associate professor. He has been board member and specialist in several medical societies, such as diabetes, primary care, anti-aging medicine, integrated medicine (IM), complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), music therapy and sport medicine. Besides medicine, he has been a pianist with the award of silver medal in the European International Piano Concours (EIPIC) in Japan (2013), and an athlete with award of gold medal in in-line skate and athletic games in Japan.

Research Interest

His research interests include: Diabetes, Metabolic syndrome, Primary care medicine, Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), Integrated medicine (IM), music therapy (MT).

Scientific Activities

• Medical Doctor License (1981)
• ECFMG Certificate (1983)
• Fellow of American College of Physicians (FACP) (1987)
• Doctors of Medicine (PhD) (1990)
• Chairman of International Committee, Japanese Primary Care Physicians (1996)
• Chairman of Annual Meeting, 20th Japanese Biomusic Association (1999)
• Chairman of Annual Congress, 9th Japanese Association of Music Therapy (2009)
• Volunteerism & Community Service Award of American College of Physicians (2011)
• Chairman of Annual Meeting, 7th Japan Society of Music and Medicine (2014)
• Chairman of Annual Congress, 8th Japan Primary Care Association (2017)


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