Harald Wilfing, PhD

Associate Professor
Department of Anthropology
Faculty of Life Sciences
University of Vienna
Althanstrasse 14, 1091 Wien, Austria



• (1979) Graduation at the Bundesgymnasium 1 Vienna, Austria
• (1987) PhD in Human Biology (Graduation with distinction)
• (1997) Venia docendi for Anthropology (Post modern fertility patterns in Austria)


• (1982-1987) Pre-doctoral assistant at the Institute of Human Biology
• (1987-1998) Post-doctoral assistant at the Institute of Human Biology
• (2000-2004) Head of the Institute for Anthropology University of Vienna
• (1998-Present) Associate Professor at the Institute of Human Biology, now Department of Anthropology

Research Interest

His research interests include: Environmental Anthropology, Human Ecology; Man-Nature-Relations; Environmental History; Epistemology. 1990 establishing of the Human Ecology research group at the Institute of Human Biology (now Department of Anthropology), which currently focuses on developmental studies, transition studies, co-evolutionary theory in social systems, historical landscape development and demography and demographic transition in scientific research.

Scientific Activities


• (2007) Co-awarded the Neptun Wasserpreis for the academic spin-off


• (2010-Present) Academic representative of the Department of Anthropology at the COSB (Center for Organismic Systems Biology) of the Faculty of Life Science
• (2011-2013) Member of the PhD-Commission of the Faculty of Life science
• (2010-Present) member of the platform sustainabilitystudies in Austria
• (2012-Present) Head of the Department
• (2013-Present) Erasmus Coordinator for Biological Studies at Vienna University