Hala Mourad Demerdash, PhD

Associate Consultant
Department of Clinical Pathology
Alexandria University Hospitals
Former Associate Professor
Department of Clinical Pathology
Pharos University in Alexandria
Alexandria Governorate, Egypt


Dr. Demerdash is an Associate Consultant Clinical Pathology at Alexandria University Hospitals. Dr. Demerdash received her MD from Faculty of Medicine Tanta University 2007. She was a resident in Chemical Pathology Department at Medical Research Institute Alexandria University1992-1995. Dr. Demerdash received a Diploma in Health Care Quality Management, Arab Academy for Science & technology 2009/2010. She worked as a member of quality committee and Associate Professor Clinical Pathology at Pharos University at Pharos 2009-2017. She received Molecular biology training course from Faculty of Medicine- Porto University, Porto, Portugal 2016. Her main research interests include cardiovascular disease and obesity.

Research Interest

Her research interests include: Cardiovascular risk factors & Obesity.

Scientific Activities

Member in the following committees

• Quality Assurance.
• Continuous Evaluation of Laboratory Technicians.
• EDC team

Conferences and workshops

• All Clinical Pathology conferences held in faculty of medicine from 2004 to 2009.
• Conference of Laboratory medicine, held by Alexandria Medical syndicate 2008, 2010.
• Talk in ASIAC conference 2008, Bleeding Diathesis in I.C.U. (Intensive Care Unit).
• Talk in ASIAC conference 2011, Hemostatic modulators of atherosclerosis.
• Poster presentation, poster titleFerritin in sera and CSF: Its importance as both predictive and etio-diagnostic biomarker in ischemic stroke, single center prospective study& attending 2014 AACC conference, Chicago (IL.) USA.
• Attending 6th International Conference& 18th Annual conference, Multidisciplinary Approach in Cancer Management Medical Research Institute- Alexandria University.2014.
• Gene Expression Analysis on large scale using Microarray and Real-Time PCR Techniques; at faculty of Agriculture-Cairo University : CURP. 2014.


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