Guillermo A. Herrera, MD

Professor and Chair
Department of Pathology
Professor of Cellular Biology and Anatomy
Louisiana State University Health
1541 Kings Hwy, Shreveport, LA 71103, USA


Dr. Herrera is currently Chair of Pathology and Laboratory Director of LSU Health Shreveport, a position he has held from 1996-2006 and since 2012 until now. He is an internationally renowned nephropathologist with over 40 years of experience in renal pathology. Having received his Doctor of Medicine at the University of Puerto Rico, he has over 30 years of research on renal damage associated with multiple myeloma. Before becoming the Chair of Pathology of LSU Health Shreveport, Dr. Herrera was the Medical Director of Nephrocor, a private renal pathology laboratory. He has served as Professor and Chair at St. Louis University as well as Director of Surgical Pathology at both the University of Alabama and the University of Mississippi. Dr. Herrera is a retired Colonel with the US. Army. He is also a Professor in the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at LSU Health in Shreveport.
Dr. Herrera sits on multiple national panels and has been the invited guest lecturer in over 300 domestic and international venues. He has authored more than 300 articles and chapters. He has received the Tatiana T. Antovych, MD Award from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology/American Registry of Pathology for contributions to renal pathology. He is the recipient of a grant from the Amyloidosis Foundation to study glomerular repair in AL-amyloidosis using mesenchymal stem cells.

Research Interest

His research interest includes: Understanding of pathogenesis of renal disorders occurring in patients with plasma cell dyscrasias and has engaged in exploring glomerular repair using stem cells.

Scientific Activities


• (1975) Graduated Cum Laude University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine (standing 5/106 students in class)
• (1969-1971) Honor Student University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez Campus Pre-medical studies
• (1970)Honor Student University of Miami Coral Gables Florida Pre-medical Studies
• (1974-presen)t Alpha Omega Alpha Honorary Society
• (1979 )Cardiovascular Pathology Preceptorship – Armed Forces Institute of Pathology – Chairman: Hugh A McAllister Jr – awarded for excellence during pathology residency
• (1984 Best Basic Science Coursemaster Class of 1986 University of Alabama in Birmingham
• (1985-1986) Best Pathology Discussant – Medical Pathology Conference -University of Alabama in Birmingham
• (1984) US Army Overseas Commendation Medal-Medical Corps
• (1988) US Army Commendation Medal-Medical Corps for meritorious service
• (1990) US Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal for exemplary behavior efficiency and fidelity
• (1991) US Army Achievement Medal-Medical Corps for meritorious service 1991National Defense Medal
• (1992-1993) Resident Teaching Award in Recognition of Commitment to and Excellence in Resident Education in Anatomic Pathology University of Alabama at Birmingham • (1993-1994)Faculty Teacher of the Year Award Department of Pathology University of Alabama at Birmingham
• Listed in Whos Who in the World America the South and Southwest American Education Finance and Business Medicine and Healthcare and Science and Engineering among Americas Teachers and in American Education
• (1994-1995) Leonard H Robinson Award for Excellence in Resident Education in Anatomic Pathology University of Alabama at Birmingham
• (1995-Present) Best Physicians in America list
• (2001-Present) New York Academy of Sciences
• (2001-2006 2012-) Albert G and Harriet G Smith Professor and Chair of Pathology – Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center Shreveport Louisiana present
• (2005) Listed in Leading Health Professionals of the World
• Tatiana T Antonovych MD Award and Guest Lecturer Armed Forces Institute of Pathology/American Registry of Pathology April 3 2006 for contributions to renal pathology
• Distinguished Scientist Award for contributions to science and Guest Lecturer University of 2007 South Alabama Health Sciences Center
• (2010) Listed in Who is Who in America


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