F. Cleymand

Institut Jean Lamour
N2EV Department
Université de Lorraine
Campus Artem
2 allée André Guinier 54 000 NANCY cedex (France)

Institut Jean Lamour
N2EV Department
Université de Lorraine
Campus Artem, 2 allée André Guinier 54 000 NANCY cedex (France)



Accreditation to Supervise Research in Materials Science Engineering « Vers l’élaboration maîtrisée de matrices extracellulaires 3D naturelles à délivrance contrôlée et le développement d’études in situ sous spectroscopie champ proche » presented the 06th of December 2012 at the University of Lorraine (France).
PhD in Materials Science Engineering « Comportement mécanique des films minces sur substrat sous contrainte de compression » Presented the 31th of May 2001 at the University of Poitiers (France).
M.S. Materials Science Engineering – « science des matériaux : surfaces – interfaces » Universités Aix-Marseille.

Research Interest

Scientific Activities

Scientific dissemination

45 papers in international referred journals
h index = 12 with about 480 citations (Google scholar)
11 invited talks and 30 oral communications
52 poster communications in international conferences
1 radio show and 1 round table on biomimetism.
Supervised 6 concluded PhDs + Current phD: 4 + 1 co-supervisor of Senegal, Students Bac +5 (MSc): 32 students


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Nádia I. Martins, Maria P. Sousa, Catarina A. Custódio, Vânia C. Pinto, Paulo J. Sousa, Graça Minas, Franck Cleymand, João F. Mano,Multilayered Membranes with Tuned Well Arrays to Be Used as Regenerative Patches Acta Biomat. 2017 AB-16-2578R1.
MP Sousa, F. Cleymand, João F Mano Elastic chitosan/ chondroitin sulphate multilayer membranes, Biomed Mater. 11(3):035008, (2016)
F. Cleymand, H. Zhang, G. Dostert, P. Menu, E. Arab-Tehrany, E. Velot, João F. Mano Membranes combining chitosan and natural-origin nanoliposomesfor tissue engineering.RCS Advances, 6, 83626-83637 (2016)
T. Gries, R. Catrin, S. Migot, F. Soldera, JL Endrino, A.R Landa-Canovas, F. Cleymand, D Mangin, F. Mücklich, D. Horwat Local modification of the microstructure and electrical properties of multifunctional Au-YSZ nanocomposite thin films by laser interference patterning ACS Applied materials and interfaces, 6 (16), pp 13707–13715 (2014)
Zhang H.Y., Cleymand F., Kahn C.J.F., Linder M.; Henrion G., Dahoun A., Arab-Tehrany E. Effects of radio frequency (RF) Cold plasma on chitosan and its nanoliposome blend thin films for tissue engineering applications Carbohydrate polymers, 93(2), 2013, 401-411
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